later, all cords to tie a child’s hood  to their head were removed by clothing manufacturers with the statement that hoods with ties to secure under the chin, represented a choking hazard to children.

Retrospective: If the first company offering spouse a job had set a wage equal to or for slightly more than his previous salary at the disbanded company, spouse would not have sought another job. Many schools are unreasonable regarding the issuing of refunds for some situations. Throughout the years it became known to me that The Jehovah Witnesses publishes religious, educational, informative, and interesting facts and stories in two booklets issued monthly in addition to other available educational materials that are freely distributed to the populations of people, regardless of their religion. Theme parks should carefully review their programs. If there is anything frightening in a program for example, then a warning should be posted to advise all of this fact. Toys for children should be carefully, morally scrutinized before purchasing. To maintain sanity, surreal business establishments should be avoided. Indoor toys and play equipment where many children are using these items should be washed and sanitized regularly to reduce the transfer of germs. Most heat in the body is lost through the head. It is important to wear a hat in cold weather to provide for a stronger body resistance to cold germs.

Historical Accounts 1988: 43

The Great Seto Bridge, the world’s longest automobile and railroad bridge, opens for traffic in Japan on April 10.

The United States Surgeon General equates nicotine addictions to heroin and cocaine addictions on May 16.

The Iran and Iraq war officially ends on August 20 with one million casualties.

An earthquake occurring on August 21 in Nepal and India kills about one thousand people.

It is reported that thousands of people are killed in a cyclone in Bangladesh on December 2.

An earthquake in Armenia on December 7 kills between twenty five to fifty thousand people.

The United States embassy in Moscow is demolished on October 27 due to eavesdropping devices built within the building.

NASA launches the space shuttle Discovery.

Remarks: People continue to be diverted with engineering feats. Some people fail to recognize the dangers of technology and the importance of Biblically based religion. It is stated that people who smoke cigarettes are equal addicts to those who use heroin and cocaine. One has been acquainted with people over the years who have quit smoking cigarettes in one day unlike heroin or cocaine addicts who require lengthy intervention to eliminate their addictions to these substances. Perhaps an unspoken threat (other more serious addictions to contend with based on mind control?) to those who smoke