cigarettes and their families (as much publicity abounded in media since the 1970’s to convince people to stop smoking cigarettes) was an intention of this statement.


I began to notice housing developments being erected in the area of our home. These developments were like nothing that I had ever seen before. One house after the next, were the size of mansions and priced at about $1,000,000. I wondered how so many people could afford to purchase such expensive homes. I reasoned that two good salaries and a large debt incurred by the owners of these houses were the likely circumstances for most of the purchasers, of these gigantic homes.

One day after arriving home from work, spouse announced a new dress code for Friday’s at his place of employment termed “casual Friday’s” where one was expected to wear a collared knit or woven shirt with no tie, blazer jackets, casual shoes but no sneakers, and casual slacks not made from denim or fleece. This requirement necessitated the purchasing of a third wardrobe of clothing causing a financial hardship for ourselves and other families who were on a strict budget.

Our week’s summer vacation for this year was spent visiting Orlando, Florida and the vicinity. We stayed outside of the Disneyworld resort area at a nice hotel. Daughter and son enjoyed their first airplane ride and the two days spent at Epcot Center and Disneyworld. I thought the technology enlisted in the Disneyworld haunted house was a bit extreme as we were joined by a “ghost” in the assigned family ride cart. The technology in Epcot’s dinosaur ride and exhibit was incredible. I was annoyed with the “visiting” of countries around the world, as this word used was false and likely has confused children into thinking that they have actually visited these countries and places portrayed. A pleasant time was spent visiting Sea World and an alligator zoo where I was awakened to how fast an alligator can move when hungry. One day, the decision was made to visit the nearby Coco Beach. After renting an umbrella, we chose a place on the beach to sun ourselves, picnic, and swim. Spouse went into the ocean for a swim leaving daughter, two and one half year old son, and me on the beach. Daughter began feeding pigeons near to our picnic area. I was tending to son for a few moments and then returned my focus to watch daughter feed these birds. Both daughter and the birds were nowhere in the vicinity. I began yelling and summoning spouse out of the water. He returned my rants from the beach with a friendly wave from the ocean. People picnicking on a towel near to ours offered to watch toddler son while I searched the beach for daughter. At that point, I feared that I might lose two children. I declined their offer and carried our heavy son, trying to run at the same time, seeking daughter who was lost on the beach. All of the umbrellas were the same colors of yellow and white, further disorienting me. Finally, spouse joined me on the beach where daughter was found crying a short distance away.

One was disturbed by advice given by remedial specialists during this time period regarding childhood illnesses that included a symptom of fever. Parents were being told by remedial specialists to submerge their child in a cool bath to reduce the child’s fever. As many older people know, chills often accompany a fever and placing a person in a cool bath could result in a more serious illness. Advice given by remedial specialists in the 1960’s regarding a fever was to give the ill person plenty of clear fluids to