by others and there was a need for this kind of service for people participating and attending ball games and playgrounds in the area. A town official was contacted to procure a permit to engage in this business where it was stated by the official that food and beverage vending was not permitted on or near town parks. After returning from Florida in 1999 and during the attendance of daughter’s softball games, a truck selling ice creams, cakes, candies, and chips to park attendees was viewed on the road at the side of the park.

Son was very interested in books and so he and I frequently visited the local library to review and borrow books pertaining to his interest of dinosaurs and pre-historic mammals. A designated amount of books on a topic were permitted to be borrowed at one time, so son carefully scrutinized the books and then decided which ones to borrow for that week. He became so proficient at three years old in knowing all the dinosaur names, their habitat, and other characteristics about them that when I viewed a five year old child prodigy on a television talk show discuss his knowledge of dinosaurs, I thought about contacting the show to discuss our son, who might be considered by the show’s producers, to be a younger child prodigy. While at the library, I browsed through many children’s books that I thought to be crazy in content. Some other books depict ethnic groups as less intelligent than others. For example, African Americans or immigrants are sometimes portrayed to have a poor command of the grammatical structure of the English language. The writing of these kinds of books for “special effects, can lead one to a prejudice against certain groups and can promote to the reader, poor language skills. In the adult reading area of the library I scanned through mystery novels, but could find none of interest due to too much violent or insane content. I eventually found my way to the biography section and borrowed books about the lives of renowned people. It was at about this time that I considered and contemplated writing my own autobiography about the life of an ordinary person, as no books in the biography section of the library could be found covering this kind of story. I also borrowed books found in the travel section on places that our family might enjoy visiting. I was also interested in local history. This topic with its selection of books was difficult to find as the history books regarding the local area were contained in a small separate room within the library building. I went into the room over a course of a few visits to investigate town history and historical buildings in the area. These books could not be borrowed so time was needed for library research. I did find out some surprising facts about the community and vowed to return to this room for further research when more time was available to me.

The Parent Teacher Association was sponsoring a book fair in the school’s gymnasium and was asking for parent volunteers to assist with book sales at this event. I offered to volunteer for one afternoon of the several days fair. Immediately after arriving at the book fair I assisted a customer with a purchase of several books by calculating with a pen and paper the amount owed for the books. Suddenly and abruptly another PTA volunteer pulled the paper containing the completed calculation from the table stating to me “that we use calculators here”. Speechless and appalled at this rudeness of the ill mannered woman, I observed her as she recalculated the figures for the books using a calculator that arrived at the same figure as I. Expecting an apology for this abrasive behavior none was offered so I departed the event.