The Exxon Valdez spills 240,000 barrels of oil in an Alaskan sound on March 24 damaging the natural environment.

A tornado in Bangladesh kills approximately one thousand three hundred people on April 26.

The Berlin Wall is dismantled in November.

Illuminated communists are gaining more power throughout the world.

NASA launches space shuttle Columbia on a “secret mission”.

Remarks: The initiation of satellite systems to track people and things are placed in orbit. A strange event causes a major power outage. Deceptions abound in the world. Absurdities are becoming increasingly common. Two colossal media giants assume even more power.


Father in law was not feeling well and so spouse or sometimes I would accompany him on visits to the physician. Father in law also seemed a bit confused on these physician office visits so either spouse or I would accompany him into the examination room as well. The first physician attending to him tried various remedies to reduce his cholesterol and assist with other problems and health related complaints. Still feeling ill, a specialist was recommended who diagnosed him with a debilitating, terminal illness. Based on father in laws personality, spouse and I decided not to inform him of this grim diagnosis as spouse believed that this information would depress him thus further affecting his physical health. A therapy was offered that both spouse and I knew to be torturous. The physician also stated to spouse that the progression of this illness would likely be slow, based on his older age. Both spouse and I therefore made the decision to forego the debilitating remedial treatment offered to us for father in law.

While at a scheduled parent /teacher conference, one discussed an aspect of the elementary grade curriculum that appeared to me to be confusing and disorienting to students. The teacher replied that I was the only parent questioning and complaining about this aspect of the curriculum which created an unsettling feeling in me and extinguished my desire to pursue this issue further.

In the spring of this year, I decided to return part time to school to earn a master’s degree in elementary education. The reasons for continuing on with my education were at least three fold. A career congenial to daughter and son’s schedule was desired. I also wanted to fulfill an earlier career goal and wished to be more aware of what was being taught and how curriculum was taught, in the public schools. The return to university studies also provided me with a return to a “sense of self” as I began to regain some perceived lost intellect.