Retrospective: A God given energy of youth allowed spouse and I to work long hours in the city and then to work late hours on the building project of our home. If it is possible, a fifteen year mortgage is a more sensible loan to obtain. Bankers lose a good rapport with customers when they sell customer loans to another financial institution. It was a dangerous situation to stay in a home where the ocean was under the house and immoral to rent a vacation house under these circumstances. At the time, I had a wrong view of God. God is personal and is everywhere. To this day, I wonder how the burglar found the bank of coins. After the burglary, I felt like everything in the house was dirty. If someone is flashing hazard lights on their vehicle, there is obviously a problem. Other drivers should be courteous and considerate of this fact and let the driver of such a vehicle pass. People addicted to drugs are the cause of much crime. Eliminating the evil of drugs from a society should be a priority for all. Be aware, that dress presentation in the case of the well dressed pick pockets, can be used to steal or inflict other harm as people usually “let their guard down” among well dressed and groomed individuals.

Historical Accounts 1983: 37

A man receives six years in prison for bigamy on April 11.

State abortion restrictions in the United States are declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on June 15. 38

Sally Ride becomes the first United States woman in space on June 18.

Riots in Sri Lanka in July, result in approximately three thousand people dead.

The first sustainable embryo transfer from one woman to another occurs in July resulting in a February 3, 1984 human birth.

A recording of the lowest temperature on earth is found in Antarctica at -89.2 degrees Celsius on July 21.

Several situations of alert occur in nuclear plants around the world.

NASA’s Pioneer 10 is the first space vehicle to exit the solar system.

Remarks: Do bigamy laws still apply in the society, where the religious sacrament of marriage itself is in question? Some human beings increasingly interfere in matters of God regarding procreation which results in all people living in the society to be harmed. Nuclear power plants are proven to be accident prone and dangerous. Individual States in the United States continue to lose autonomy and authority.


By early February, those in the office of my employment were made aware of serious problems at the firms manufacturing facility in Italy, where the apparel was obtained for resale through our office. In