print left on my kitchen door, as he kicked the door in to gain entry to our home, suggested the thief was small in stature. And so, I picked out the smallest man in the lineup, who was indeed the burglar. Unfortunately, all of the items stolen except for my high school ring were not retrieved. The police had originally stated that they retrieved a Seiko watch that I owned and perhaps a few other non descript items from the burglars home, but these items were no longer available when I telephoned two police stations (due to different jurisdictions), to pick them up. The burglar stated that the jewelry was sold to a pawn store in the city. For a short period of time, I checked a few pawn stores in the city to see if my stolen jewelry was displayed.

Early one morning, prior to sunrise and following my work morning routine, I sleepily entered the kitchen to prepare the coffee. Deciding to have a piece of cake for breakfast, I reached to a cake box that was set on top of the refrigerator and placed it on the kitchen counter. Upon opening the box, a rat jumped out startling me and putting me on high alert as it jumped off of the kitchen counter. My dog chased the rat to a corner of the living room where a base board radiator pipe came up from the basement. I watched this animal mold its body like gelatin, to squeeze through the opening in the floor cut for the pipe. I took a break from work to investigate remedies for this situation at a local city hardware store. The clerk recommended first putting out rat poison. I objected to this method of exterminating the rodent because of my fears that the dog and other benign animals may eat the poison. The clerk then suggested rat traps, baited with peanut butter. I agreed to try this method and so purchased the rat traps and a jar of peanut butter. The only animal caught with the rat traps was my dog. After several unsuccessful attempts at catching the rat using this method, I resorted to the clerk’s first recommendation of using a rat poison which was placed in the attic and half basement to avoid ingestion by our dog, which finally did away with the critter. In later years, daughter complained about a mouse that had invaded her home. She too tried mouse traps that were ineffective. Discussing this matter with her, I suggested that she use poison to rid herself of this (or probably these) creatures once and for all. She stated that she would place the poison in the kitchen where she had seen a mouse. With a dog and a child I suggested that the poison be placed in the attic. She stated to me that the mouse is not in the attic, it is in the kitchen, but she decided to follow my advice for a short time. Within a week, the pesky critter(s) was gone. In conjunction with this advice, I would also recommend that ant traps be placed on a high shelf in a home as family pets and possibly young children are attracted to this poison as well.

At the end of the year, I came to expect a bonus from my employer. For this Christmas, all the women in the office received a red purse. Upon opening the purse, I anticipated the end of the year bonus to be inside. The purse was empty.

One day after cashing my paycheck at a bank in the area of my employment, a well dressed man in a three piece suit bumped into me in the bank lobby. I turned to my left, and noticed his hand in my purse. Grabbing hold of his wrist and then his other arm, I summoned for help. At that point, another man bumped into me causing me to release the pick pocket. Both men quickly departed from the bank. No money or other items were taken.