originally thought. An architect was hired to plan a new home, combining the salvageable areas of the old home, with the new. To save money, mother and father were in charge of hiring subcontractors. We quickly realized that to hire workers paying an hourly wage, resulted in the hired help working at an extremely slow pace. Hourly paid foundation workers were dismissed due to the slow completion of the job, thus exceeding our budget for this work. Mother, father, brother, spouse, and I finished the foundation work by podging over the cinder block with cement. Carpenters were hired to frame and roof the house. Fortunately, the roof was on the house before winter weather struck saving us possible damages to the interior plywood used as a base for flooring. By the end of winter, the outside shell of the house was complete.

Retrospective: Perhaps some people are not permitted to emigrate by governments unless they agree with societal immoralities. A person should be informed on the job interview that he or she is being hired because of an “Affirmative Action” issue with the government. Realize, that some people may not want to work for a firm, where the firm has been somewhat forced into hiring a particular group of people. Affirmative Action programs could also negatively affect work relationships within a company. If more than one person is being hired for the same position, potential employers should inform the prospective employee of this fact on the job interview. It should be noted that coral reefs are being destroyed throughout the Caribbean. One hypothesizes that perhaps other Caribbean countries’ coral reefs are also being adversely affected by desalinization processes where high levels of salt are released into the sensitive ocean ecosystems of that area. As many know, ocean currents are of a largely contained circular pattern in that region of the world. I began to realize how widespread the illegal drug problem is in this country when I began interacting with people from different professions, in the city. I still think about how my life may have been different, had spouse and I purchased the first house we viewed and were interested in buying. By the time of the completion of this book, all major retail stores used computerized billing and receipt system where merchandise is not labeled with a price and is scanned very quickly, which does not allow the customer time to view a price during the time of checkout (the computerized voice stating the price was eliminated within a short time of this year). In addition, merchandise that is higher in price is many times placed on shelves that are labeled with a lower price resulting in higher charges. Also, computer inputs sometimes do not reflect the price shown for an item on the shelf of display resulting in a higher price charged to the customer. To assist in solving these problems all merchandise should be individually ticketed with the cost of the product. Also, some of these suspected purposeful “bait and switch” practices of some retail stores are corrupt and against written laws of this land which are unfortunately increasingly not enforced by the authorities.

Historical Accounts 1982: 36

Eight planets in the solar system align on one side of the sun on March 10.

An assassination attempt is made on Pope John Paul II on May 12.

Many countries agree not to participate in the killing of whales and join with the International Whaling Commission to end the slaughter of whales worldwide on July 23.