A NASA test of the Columbia Space Shuttle results in three workers killed.

Remarks:  The Communist Soviet Union wishes to conserve energy as well. A professed Communist, attempts to assassinate Pope John Paul II that results in the transport of Catholic Popes by a protected pope mobile. The Masonic government in Italy is apparently deposed. A greater number of people begin to have themselves tattooed thus resulting in the defilement of their bodies by wizards.


In January, I was beginning to become disgruntled with many aspects of American Society. Amongst problems of increased immorality, I noticed that people in general were becoming more abrupt, nasty, and combative. Seeking to make a change from this environment, I applied for spouse and me to immigrate to Australia. Hearing positive reviews about this country and the people, I believed this nation to be a congenial and friendlier place to live. An application for permanent residency was filed through the Australian Consulate in a city. I was disappointed and insulted when our application for permanent residency in Australia was returned denied. The reason stated for the denial was that business and commerce people were not needed in the country. Teachers were cited as needed and given priority for immigration.

I decided that a job change was necessary after hearing from another employee that I was hired to satisfy the government’s requirement for business firms to hire people to comply with “Affirmative Action”. I regarded this comment as the “final straw”. To think that I was hired not for qualities to aid the organization in achieving sales goals, but rather to satisfy a government requirement was beyond insulting. I applied for and was hired by another apparel firm for the position of showroom manager.

Prior to beginning this new employment spouse and I vacationed in Aruba. This island was a pleasant place to visit as no poverty could be visibly ascertained. Most all of the people living there appeared to have a nice home. We stayed at a small resort on the island that did not have a casino. Speaking with the native people, I was informed about a desalinization system to supply the needed fresh water to the island’s inhabitants. I was impressed with this idea and thought that other countries could satisfy drought situations using this technology. I was however, alerted to the fact that aquatic animals including coral reefs were dying due to the high concentrations of salt that were dumped back into the ocean following the desalinization process. Our stay at this small resort was peaceful and enjoyable. One night however, we did attend a gambling casino of another larger resort. At one point spouse and I were winning money, and then lost the money plus more. I found this activity to be anxiety producing, aggravating, nerve wracking, and not a pleasant way to spend vacation time.

I began my new job directly after returning from vacation and was immediately put on guard when I was introduced to another woman who was hired for the same position as I. Both the other woman and I were not made aware on the interviews that two people would be hired for the same position. I sensed that one of us would be dismissed after a trial period. Both the other woman and I were compatible, and so neither of us lost this job. The other woman eventually requested and was granted a transfer to