that gave us the desired number of children that we felt at that time, that we could spend time loving, caring for, providing for, disciplining, teaching, and managing.

Retrospective: Without making a promise, as many times unforeseeable circumstances occur especially in an evil society, a person should try to abide by agreements to provide for a positive moral view of the individual and societal stability. All people should be provided with decent living quarters. Also, consider that perhaps dismal living areas may be purposely located near port authorities, as an unspoken threat to people commuting into cities. The strange events in Denver, Colorado that occurred during a short period of time were eerie and surreal. The job in the city exposed me to the immoralities of perversions, trickery, thievery, and assaults. To revive and refresh oneself during the work day, everyone should be expected to take a short mid day recess from work. My poor performance in the golf game was not due to my inability to hold onto the golf club. If I had eaten the hashish cake, I would have been physically incapacitated for at least two days and afflicted in other ways. Honoring your father and mother provides one at minimum, with a supportive family. Taking advantage of certain situations of people to earn more money is corrupt. Some people take advantage of others predicaments to steal from them. One also questions the legality of highway service station contracts to perhaps include other government and select business arrangements that serve the public, unless the lowest prices are obtained in serving the public through these contracts. Accepting an invitation to an event and then not attending the event (unless an unusual problem arises) is bad manners. Threatening and confusing people to acquire money, is immoral and corrupt as shown in the example of the Jamaican tour. A good way to gain an understanding of the reproductive organs is to acknowledge these parts of the body as “sacred ground”. It is necessary to also note that birth control pills and other birth control devices that do not violate the concept of “sacred ground” are none the less immoral and dangerous. The long and short term consequences of using these drugs can result in damages to other organs in the body, as the human body is an interrelated system. In addition, some religious groups such as Catholics, Orthodox Jews, and Shiite Moslems have condemned the use of certain birth control devices (read the Commentary on Abortion), because they can end a human life in violation of Commandment VI.  An evil society desires to dissolve personal relationships between people. Had I known that invasions of personal privacy were occurring whether frequent or infrequent and recognized the implications of this fact, it is likely that I would not have “married”. Instead, I probably would have remained single, chaste, and focused most all of my attention and energy on a job.

Historical Accounts 1981: 35

The Soviet Union initiates the popular western daylight savings time on April 1.

An assassination attempt is made against Pope John Paul II on May 13.

“Propaganda Due”, results in the resignation of the Italian government on May 26.

The rock and roll band The Rolling Stones begins a “Tattoo You” tour on September 25.