newlyweds. At the wedding reception the table designated for office workers from the office of my employment was left empty, costing my family a considerable amount of money. On our honeymoon, a friendly chap who was Jamaican, asked us if we would like to explore the surrounding area near the hotel where we were staying. We replied yes as we continued our friendly conversation and walking at the same time. We walked for a short distance and suddenly found ourselves in a maze like area, where people were gardening with machetes’. He then asked us for money regarding this “tour”. Unable to find our way back, we provided him with one quarter of the amount asked for.

One night in summer while driving home from mother and fathers house to our apartment and on a major highway, our car began to experience mechanical trouble. The car was pulled over to a grassy area on the side of the road where spouse and I contemplated a course of action with regard to this incident. Spouse decided to venture out into the dark to telephone a local service station to tow the car off of the highway and then to repair the vehicle. Upon returning from a local service station, spouse informed me that the highway authority has contracts with a select few service stations based on the highway location of the inoperable vehicle. Spouse stated to me that a service station located many miles away would be sending a tow truck based on this highway authority contractual agreement. After waiting for a considerable amount of time, a tow truck finally arrived to remove the car from the highway and to provide a ride for spouse and I to the repair station. At the service station the repair was promptly accomplished where apparently there were several issues and problems with the vehicle resulting in what one considered to be exorbitant charges. One suspected corruption regarding these repairs but realized that there was little spouse and I could do and so paid the costly bill by credit card.

In August, spouse and I received our wedding photograph proofs where we selected some of these photographs to be enlarged and incorporated into wedding albums. Some of the photographs were weird as the photographer super imposed our faces in unnatural settings. For example, spouse and I were shown in one photograph looking down from the ceiling of the Church at our wedding ceremony. It is debatable but probably likely that this kind of distortion of reality is immoral.

As time transpired, it became obvious that that the autumn months of 1981 consisted of either spouse or I having to leave on a business trip, leaving little to no time for the “one year after the marriage honeymoon”. By 1982, I tried not to let the agendas of others interfere in the harmony and peace in my life.

It is most appropriate at this time to divulge to the reader my personal views on an intimate relationship between a loving couple who are obligated and entrusted to one another. A person’s reproductive organs have always been considered by me to be “sacred ground”, which means that these parts of the body should never be violated, and will inspire a wrath of God against the individual and society, if they are violated. Some examples of violations against reproductive organs include: abortion, birth control devices that are inserted or worn, douches, tampons, genital mutilation, thermometers, and the unnatural entry of anything that is not as God the Creator of nature intended these organs to function. Throughout our marriage, spouse and I subscribed to an aspect of the natural family planning method