An earthquake in Yemen on December 13 kills over two thousand people.

People are murdered in the United States due to product tampering by the deranged.

Italy beats West Germany to win the world soccer cup.

NASA launches the Columbia Space Shuttle for three different missions.

Remarks: An unusual astrological event occurs that happens only about every one hundred years. A priest attempts to stab Pope John Paul II, while on a visit to Fatima, Portugal. Product safety seals and other tamper proof packaging are the results of the murders apparently tied to a pain relief medication. Today however, some tamper proof packaging, makes accessing the product extremely difficult. Also, some tamper proof packaging is now attached to products that are not ingested, causing considerable aggravation.


By late winter, spouse and I relinquished our small apartment close to the city of our employment and moved in with mother and father. This temporary situation allowed us more time to work on the construction of our home after work hours and save money on the apartment rent. We were however back to the same grueling long commute as prior to our marriage.

We purchased attractive solid oak kitchen cabinets second hand from someone who was renovating their kitchen with white Formica. Spouse and I saved thousands of dollars on this buy. Brother and I tiled the bathrooms, spouse installed all the interior molding, father in law built a shed, and all family members painted the interior of the house and floored the kitchen. Workers were hired to install wood flooring in other areas of the house. Subcontractors installed the sheetrock, electrical, insulation, and plumbing. One time, mother brought a case of beer to some construction workers. This good will gesture resulted in mistakes made in that particular area of construction. Still without heating, spouse, I, and a newly acquired dog moved into the house in early May. The furnace selected to heat the house was a computerized energy efficient furnace that caused considerable trouble during the first several years of operation requiring plumbers to circumvent certain aspects of the initial installation. We quickly realized that the warranty on the furnace was not worth much. This computerized, energy efficient furnace was very expensive to fix and was extremely noisy, growling and popping constantly during its twenty seven years of operation.

A bank mortgage was secured for an annual variable rate of twelve and one half percent. Fixed rate mortgages were at about seventeen percent at that time, prompting spouse and I to select the variable rate. Father and mother were repaid the money borrowed during the several months construction time frame. A few years later, we obtained a thirty year fixed rate mortgage at about a twelve percent interest with a local bank. I was perturbed when the mortgage we obtained through a local bank was sold to an out of state bank more than a thousand miles away. I was also annoyed at a bank requirement stipulating that a seven hundred dollar credit card balance (our only outstanding debt