As the State of New York had approved abortion the year prior, she realized that the out of state cars parked, were due to the establishment of an abortion clinic that had recently opened in the same building of her employment. She additionally exclaimed that she and another working in the office of her employment, swore that they heard the cries of babies coming from a nearby dumpster. My retort was that we had to do something. Mother eased my fears and concerns by suggesting that the Catholic Church would intervene in this nightmare.

Two of our female German Shepherds had given birth to a total of three broods of puppies. For each brood of puppies born, we would assign a letter of the alphabet to that brood. Then each puppy was assigned an individual name beginning with that letter of the alphabet, assigned to the brood. I grew fond of all the puppies and hoped that they would be purchased by good, responsible people. At times, mother and I would inquire of the puppies by contacting the purchasers by telephone. My interest began to subside with regard to the breeding of our dogs after receiving a couple of disturbing telephone calls from former puppy owners. These people called to tell us that the dog they purchased from us was hit by a car and they were inquiring if we might have another puppy to sell to them.

For one class in school, we had an engaging teacher who occasionally digressed from lecture and other classroom studies to tell us about a new puppy that his wife brought home. Every morning, this teacher had a mess of excrement to clean up before leaving for his teaching job. It was an amusing story and provided a short diversion from class work. At about this time, I discovered a practical joke item at home. In a drawer, I found a plaster and paint replica of dog feces. It reminded me of this teacher’s story and so I brought it to school. I showed this item to several classmates prior to class and jokingly and mildly suggested that we put it on the floor of this teacher’s classroom, prior to his arrival in class. A classmate grabbed this fake excrement out of my hand. I demanded that she return this to me as my suggestion was in jest. She refused to return it, and placed it on the floor just seconds before our teacher walked into the classroom, allowing me no time to retrieve it. Upon entering the classroom, the teacher was visibly taken aback and aghast, believing this prank to be real. Someone in the classroom exclaimed that the teacher’s puppy was here. His surprise turned to anger when he realized that this was a practical joke. He picked up the painted plaster and asked who it belonged to. No one in the class spoke a word. The entire class was threatened with indefinite after school detention until the owner was identified. Still no one spoke. The teacher proceeded to give everyone detention beginning that afternoon. At that point, I stated that the replica of dog excrement belonged to me. I waited for the person who put it down on the floor to also admit her guilt, and I also thought others in the class would tell the truthful story. No one said a word. It was demanded of me by the teacher to take this embarrassing prank to the school principal.

In junior high I became more than aware of a young girl who was expecting a baby. I complained to mother and father that I believed that this girl should not be attending school as she was a negative influence on the other students and contributed to an increased atmosphere of promiscuity. Mother gave me another of many moral lectures.