become upset. At about the same time, nudist beaches became more prevalent. College and University art classes required the painting of nudes, enlisting a nude model to be present in the classroom. Public exposure to nakedness continued to increase to today’s widespread decadent exposure and bombardment of the masses, to public nudity. For example: Bicyclists have been permitted to ride their bikes nude in a major world city. Thousands of ordinary people have shed their clothes for a famous artist’s photography. Some municipalities in the United States permit people to walk around town nude. Groups ride the city subways scantily clad in their underwear and other groups hold special events and festivals wearing only their underwear. In examining art work throughout the ages, it is noted that nakedness appears in art during certain specific times in history, perhaps times where evil has gained wealth, power, and control over the population. It is further likely that the widespread population’s absurdity to agree (likely due to the influence of evil) to remove one’s clothes, is a precursor to a “Sodom and Gomorrah” situation that will most likely result in the complete and total destruction of the society. It is a good idea to involve all young people in mandatory service to a country, but not necessarily military service, for a reasonably designated period of time. This concept can provide the youth with career and personal life experiences, an appreciation for one’s own country and people, and cohesiveness within the society. After arriving home from Europe, my desire to wander was satiated. I was now strongly focused on achieving the mature goals of completing university studies, procuring a well paid job that I enjoyed, “marrying”, and establishing a home together with my partner.

Historical Accounts 1978: 32

It is declared by the United States Court on March 28 that judicial immunity applied in a case of involuntary sterilization in Stump versus Sparkman.

In the United States, the production of the life killing but building saving Neutron bomb is postponed on April 7.

The first test tube baby is born in the United Kingdom on July 25.

Pope Paul VI dies on August 6 and is succeeded by Pope John Paul I on September 28, who dies and is succeeded by Pope John Paul II on October 16.

A leader of a cult group in Jonestown, Guyana appears to have brainwashed and mind controlled over nine hundred members into committing suicide on November 18.

Argentina plays against The Netherlands to win the world soccer cup.

Remarks: The United States legal system declares that courts cannot be held responsible for judicial decrees of involuntary sterilization. The manufacture of the Neutron bomb is halted by United States President Carter. The first test tube baby is born initiating the beginning and proliferation of fertility clinics, where human beings are killed en masse . During this decade it is revealed through various news stories that the brainwashing and subsequent mind controlling of individuals and groups was occurring, which is and was likely due to attacks by evil against them. Mind controlling can occur because of the