increased immorality within societies, thus allowing evil to manifest itself (gain a stronghold) in those societies. Adhering to the following of The Ten Commandments, avoiding Capital Sins, and Abominations is no longer a priority for many people during this age.


Prior to beginning the university, I expressed reservations to mother and father about being able to maintain a paid job and accomplish the requirements of the courses at the university. After reviewing the costs of gasoline, tolls, and other necessities, father offered to provide me with an adequate allowance which made it possible to quit my job and devote most all of my time to the requirements of the courses at the school.

The first semester at the university was the most difficult one for me. I especially found a BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) computer course and an accounting course to be formidable. Seeking tutorial assistance with accounting, I passed with an adequate grade. My desperation and frustration with the computer course caused considerable angst. In this age, computers were huge room size machines requiring key punched cards to be scanned in order, to receive a printout of a program. After key punching hundreds of cards, I would arrive at the computer terminal and wait on sometimes long lines with other students for the opportunity to run my program. Invariably, some cards were punched incorrectly that created errors in the program which required me to key punch new cards and then resume the procedure again. The final project assignment was to create a market research questionnaire and to compile the results of a survey using the BASIC program. Overwhelmed with a general lack of direction with this project, a fellow student offered assistance. I also passed this course with an adequate grade.

Beginning in high school through college, group term projects became requirements of many courses where the same grade was given to all group members or two grades were assessed, an individual grade and a group grade. Through the years, I learned to seek out the more diligent, studious, responsible and focused students in the class to team with, after experiencing memberships in groups where some team members were not fulfilling their obligations. This slothfulness by one or more group members resulted in a lower grade for all group members inspiring an ire within me. In contemplating this method of instruction further, one recognizes a Communist ideology associated with some group projects including corporate and compensation, where all group members are paid similarly regardless of an individual’s efforts and achievements as a group member.

In April, my future spouse and I became engaged to be married. Not quite convinced that I wanted a diamond ring to represent our engagement, I spoke with friends about perhaps selecting another possible stone and asked of them their opinion on this matter. They discouraged me from selecting another gem stone stating that a diamond is the traditional stone for all engagements and a diamond ring, worn on the ring finger of the left hand is an unspoken way to communicate a woman’s unavailability to other men. A ring of another stone, worn on the ring finger of the left hand, is irrelevant to an engagement.