engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the right hand. The diamond ring as a symbol of engagement came into vogue during relatively recent times. In some countries, two rings are exchanged to represent the engagement of the man and the woman, thus making it known to others, the unavailability for dating, of both the man and the woman. Foreigners and immigrants are sometimes purposely given wrong information for all kinds of reasons, by native people. In an evil society, anything of importance should be further researched by the foreigner or immigrant. Until in a predicament, I did not read any of the suggested books provided by college professors due to a perceived lack of time. It is wise for one to make time for important books. In conjunction with this suggestion, is an idea for people who have accumulated important books in their library. The idea is to place labels on each book deemed to be important. One label can be placed on the book jacket and another placed on the front book cover should the jacket be removed, to advise future heirs not to discard the book. The reason for this suggestion is that important books have “disappeared” throughout history, leaving populations of people ignorant of imperative and life saving information. For example, in one’s own library the intention is to label the books included as references in this book to state: “Important Book, Do Not Discard under any Circumstances”. By the third year of college, I became more self centered and less involved in fraternizing with peers as I was focused on achieving personal goals.

Historical Accounts 1979: 33

The Three Mile Island nuclear disaster occurs in Pennsylvania on March 28.

McDonald’s introduces the “Happy Meal” in June.

Pope John Paul II‘s visit to Poland marks the beginning of the solidarity movement on June 2.

Smallpox has been determined to be eradicated worldwide on December 9.

China’s one child policy is implemented.

NASA’s Voyager I photographs the rings of Jupiter.

Remarks: A dangerous and deadly disease is deemed to be eradicated leading to the abolishment of the smallpox vaccine. McDonald’s, a popular self serve franchise restaurant offers child size food products containing a protein and starch and include a toy for an inexpensive price. Perhaps the toy has replaced the fruit or vegetable. Pope John Paul II’s visit to Poland results in the beginnings of an anti-communist movement in that country. A meltdown of a nuclear power plant results in the emission of dangerous radioactive substances. People in China are forbidden to have more than one child resulting in massive abortions and other societal immoralities.


One day while fiance’ was driving, he became involved in a fender bender with another vehicle. The circumstances of this small collision took place at a stop sign where both cars were stopped. Fiance’