handles would prevent health problems and also accidents due to the unprotected grasping of a hot handle or problems associated with the shattering of glass into foods while cooking and baking.

Annually, and in summer father, mother, brother, and I would attend a popular amusement park in the area. On my last visit to this park as the park was closing due to the planned construction of high rise apartments on the property, I took possibly my last ride on the park’s impressive roller coaster. Upon disembarking from this ride and exiting the perimeter of the ride, I saw a nameplate necklace lying on the pavement just outside of this roller coaster. I picked up the necklace and read the name “Rebecca”. I brought the necklace home and considered wearing it as it was attractive but then thought how foolish and deceptive this would be as my name was not “Rebecca”. I vowed that although I liked the name, I would never change my name.

Retrospective: Grandfather’s funeral was not the morbidity I expected. It was a solemn mass held in tribute to grandfather. Why would some people think that if one is irresponsible the first time that they would be trusted with similar responsibility the second time, especially with regard to living creatures? There are psychological situations that occur in this society, that I do not understand thus disqualifying me from answering. Early, in the twenty first century, it was reported that this same school that I had attended was giving a presentation by an outside expert on internet safety, to include the issues of sexual predators, “sexting”, bullying, and other immoral uses of the internet at 7:00 pm in the auditorium. In an almost purposeful way, people have been discouraged from making their own clothing. Logic seems to have become an undesirable trait of personality. Some people are asked by their employers to change their name by 1997.

Historical Accounts 1971: 23

The height of the buildings of the World Trade Center, are completed on July 19.

An earthquake in Turkey kills more than one thousand people on May 22.

On August 15, President Nixon freezes wages, prices, and rents for 90 days.

A cyclone in India kills over ten thousand people on September 29.

NASA astronauts ride in a lunar rover.

Remarks: The tallest buildings in the world as of this date are constructed. The government intervenes with personal livelihoods. Two astronauts are the first to drive a vehicle on the Moon.


In March and during lunch time, students were informed of a horrific accident and tragedy occurring in the area of my residence at a railroad crossing where a train hit a school bus. Five high school students died in the crash and forty four other students were physically injured, some seriously, requiring the amputations of limbs and other permanent injuries. The railroad crossing did not have gates installed on