In homemaking class, we learned how to sew using a sewing machine. The teacher determined that we would be sewing skirts and so mother purchased the needed material for this project. After completing the skirt and liking this finished work, I decided that I would like to make more skirts at home however through investigation I realized that it cost substantially more to make a skirt than to buy one.

Maxi dresses (dresses with length to the floor), were popular during this era and so after requesting this style of dress, mother one day purchased me a dress of this style. After wearing the dress to school one day however, I despised it as I had a sense of wearing a nightgown to school and could not focus on school curriculum.

Near the end of the school year, students were informed that we had won a “Carefree Sugarless Gum” contest where the Raspberries and Grass Roots rock and roll bands would be giving a concert at our junior high school. I thought that this concert would most certainly be held during after school hours. However, it was scheduled and attended in the school’s auditorium during regular school hours.

Mother, at this time experienced a health problem where it was required by the physician that various laboratory tests be conducted on her blood. After obtaining the results of one test, the physician remarked that mother’s blood contained a healthy high content of iron. The physician asked mother if she was ingesting iron supplement tablets and her reply was no. The physician then asked mother about the material of the pans that she used for cooking when it was determined that a cast iron frying pan frequently used to cook foods was supplying not only her, but also our family with this necessary nutrient.The above short story warrants a discussion about changes in cookware and bake ware that began occurring at about this time. Teflon, which is a non stick plastic coating, was increasingly being applied by houseware manufacturers to the interior of pots, pans, and baking sheets to prevent food from sticking to the above resulting in the easier cleaning of these household products. Prior to the inside applications of Teflon or T-Fal, cookware and bake ware were completely constructed of cast iron, an aluminum and stainless steel alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, or heat resistant glass. In reviewing information on Teflon and T-Fal, one becomes aware that upon reaching a range of high temperatures, noxious fumes are emitted from this substance. Pet birds have died from these fumes and people have become ill with influenza like symptoms after inhaling these vapors. One also wonders if ingesting foods cooked or baked in Teflon coated products is harmful. A family member confirmed information to me through a story about a large tropical bird owned by the family member that died while the family member was cooking with a Teflon coated pot. Personal experience regarding the use of heat resistant glass resulted in one episode of the glass shattering into the food while baking this food in the oven. By 2013, many cookware manufacturers were offering pots and pans with glass lids perhaps leading to the same type of accidents as described above. One would also like to discuss the change in the handles of cookware. Years ago, various brands of cookware offered handles constructed of a heat resistant material where heat from the hot pot or pan was not conducted to the handles of the above unlike today’s cookware that requires the use of a pot holder. A return to the exclusive use of cast iron, an aluminum and stainless steel alloy, and stainless steel cookware and bake ware with heat resistant