student and young adult has established a strong sense of individuality and morality because of a good preparation and a solid foundation in his or her small school experience. And certainly, the massive school buildings that have been constructed can be put to good use as merchandise marts, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or used for other business concerns. Perhaps, some of these buildings could be converted to community work and study homes. Read the Commentary on Welfare for further information regarding this concept. And of course all funds obtained from the sales of these buildings could be used towards the construction of many smaller school buildings throughout the nations. Evil doers are promoting the occult and its’ practices to others, especially young people.

Historical Accounts 1970: 21

A powerful earthquake kills over fifteen thousand people in China on January 5.

The State of New York joins other States in approving abortion for New Yorkers on April 9. 22

A powerful earthquake kills approximately one hundred thousand people in Peru on May 31.

A powerful cyclone kills over five hundred thousand people in Bangladesh on November 1.

Bolivian artist Benjamin Mendoza attempts to assassinate Pope Paul VI on November 27.

Various terrorist groups around the world are involved in kidnappings, assassinations, and attacks against the public and public representatives.

A harrowing occurrence aboard Apollo 13 causes astronauts to abort their mission.

Brazil defeats Italy to win the world soccer cup.

Remarks: People around the world fail to be “on the same page at the same time” creating situations of political, psychological, religious, and social mayhem and catastrophe. A return to the following of The Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins and Abominations would more than likely grant people the skills necessary for compromise, for one example. Individual and population repentance is part of this formula. An unusual number of powerful natural disasters occur.


We received a telephone call from a neighbor of grandfather’s to inform us of his sudden death after calling for him at his home. After receiving no answer after knocking at the door of his home and telephoning him, the neighbors called the police who discovered his body inside the house. From time to time, grandfather complained of headaches but this news of his sudden death was completely unexpected. Grandfather was basically a quiet man who I joined on many walks around our and his neighborhood. Mother and father believed me to be old enough to attend his funeral.

Mother worked three days a week in a local office building. At dinner one evening, she remarked about a significant number of out of state licensed cars parked in the parking lot of her place of employment.