faltering in that subject area. Father stated that he could help me with homework. However, he also did not understand the procedures shown in the textbook. He showed me another simpler method he learned to solve similar problems. In school this other method was not acceptable because all the steps as shown in the textbook were required to be written by the student for full credit, with partial credit given for the steps shown in arriving at the answer. At this point I became confused and continued to falter in mathematics throughout the remainder of school.

A series of occult books were unsolicited and were being widely distributed through the mail in the United States by a major publishing company during this year. This decade was the era of published encyclopedias, which were heavily marketed to a specified group within the United States and were based on specific subject areas. Mother for example, subscribed to a wildlife encyclopedia series after receiving a free first volume book in the mail. One afternoon, a free first volume book of this occult encyclopedia series arrived at our home. The first free volume eerily depicted a Satanic like creature on the cover of the book. Curious, I browsed through this book and suggested that mother subscribe to the other books in this twenty four volume set. 20 She declined this suggestion and retorted that reading about the occult, many times results in evil influences gaining power and control over the individual thus resulting in the initiation of that person into the occult. This “free” book quickly “disappeared” from our household.

Retrospective: The early months of this year were a grievous one for our family. Mother lifted us out of these doldrums with an extended, interesting, and varied summer vacation. One can compare aspects of the current “Don’t ask”, “Don’t tell” government military policy with the purchase of the chicks. A cruel way of confining farm animals to an area becomes common place for family pets by the end of the century, with an electrified collar system. Dogs have turned to viciousness against their owners because of this way of confining an animal to an area.  After vacation, I returned to the questioning of various situations, authoritative decrees, rules, and procedures that did not seem to make sense, be moral, or just. By 2013, one recognized the effects on the individual with the relatively modern concept of school districting. Large school districts where thousands of students between the ages of ten and eighteen years attend together can confuse, disorient, divert, and distract from the school curriculum thus affecting not only the students, but the parents as well. This large “corporation” mentality beginning at a young age leads one to experience a loss of sense of self, individuality, and a degree of authority as a person and as an individual whose opinion is listened to, valued, and respected. In these extraordinary large schools young people, at a transitional time in their lives, can become overwhelmed and over exposed to many, many fellow students problems and concerns while most of the students are not even very well known to them, as in elementary school. This environment is analogous to students being treated like “branded cattle” with each assigned a number. It should also be noted that large district schooling of students is a Communist concept. Therefore, one suggests returning to the concept and implementation of small neighborhood, town, and hamlet schools for all children five to eighteen years to provide for a sense of self, family, a focus on studies, and a true concern for others due to the smaller and more manageable environment. With the adoption of a small neighborhood school system, should the student wish to attend college in likely a much larger and perhaps corporate like environment, that