Remark: The years of forgetting the past and ignoring the present is initiated. In the United States people focus on achieving the “American dream” of ever increasing materialism.


After mother suffered through some issues of infertility, I was born on October 29, 1958, at a local hospital in a former farming community of New York State, delivered by a general practice physician. According to family, my birth was a normal delivery however labor was lengthy, lasting more than 24 hours with no drugs administered to my mother. Mother was required to recover, rest, and recuperate in the maternity ward of the hospital for one week prior to discharge. The total costs for physician and hospital were less than five hundred dollars. Upon release from the hospital, grandparents assisted my mother until she was fully recuperated. A first priority for my family was to arrange with the Catholic Church for my Baptismal ceremony at three weeks post birth. It was understood by Catholic parents at that time that the Church expected that parents select a first and middle name for their child based on the names of Catholic Saints. The first name Barbara and middle name Mae were chosen as representative names of Saints and were also the names of family members. The first born half brother of my father and a close friend of my mother were asked by my parents, and accepted the responsibility of godparents. A reception buffet dinner was held for family, friends, and neighbors at my parent’s home, following this sacrament.

Retrospective: Provided a pregnancy was routine, a general practice physician was able and capable of delivering an infant. More time was allotted for recuperative care by remedy specialists. Today, one has noticed that many Catholic children do not have the first name of a Catholic Saint. By the year 2000, media publicized and corporations promoted contests that encouraged parents through monetary awards to name their newborn child after a consumer product or service. Perhaps the Catholic Church has tried in the past to protect Catholics from this type of evil influence by requiring that children born into the faith be given the names of Catholic Saints. The costs of medical care were vastly lower in 1958 even in comparison to the lower wages paid at that time. A possible explanation for this is that people were more religious at that time and therefore were satisfied with less materialism. Receptions and parties were usually given at the homes of people rather than at reception halls. Family and friends usually offered assistance in meal preparations, serving, and after the party clean up thus reducing the stress of the host and hostess.

Historical Accounts 1958: 7

The first parking meters were installed in Great Britain on June 10.

The Iraqi Revolution begins on July 14 resulting in approximately three thousand people killed.

NASA is created on July 29.

A typhoon kills more than twelve hundred people in Japan in September.