the bustling areas of commerce and industry. Although my parents suffered through economic hardship, as my father became unemployed due to a recession in 1960, they fulfilled their obligation and paid the money pledged for the building of the school. The construction of the school was completed in 1961.

Retrospective: Physicians routinely advised parents in the 1950’s and 1960’s to remove infants from formula at five months old. Today babies require expensive formula in their diet for one year or longer leading one to believe that perhaps infants’ metabolic processes have changed during the past fifty five years or so. Ill children were not brought to a physician’s office for care, due to the societal idea that the illness could become worse by removing the child from necessary recuperative rest. Also, people believed that a seriously sick person would be exposed to other germs by visiting a physician’s office while in a weakened condition in seeking help for their illness and conversely germs would be spread from the seriously ill person to others in the physician’s office. So, physicians in the 1950’s routinely made house calls to attend to the more gravely ill. Most parents prepared their own baby food for their infant to provide for nutrition and extra flavor through the addition of butter and other added ingredients. Nutritious and appetizing baby food can be easily prepared today through the use of a blender or food processor. Store bought baby food, during this era, was also considered by many to be expensive. Disposable diapers were of poor quality and costly so most women laundered their own child’s diapers or some, who were more affluent subscribed to a diaper service. Diaper service at that time, required the parental removal of feces from the diaper prior to the service laundering the diaper. The use of cotton cloth diapers reduced waste in landfills. In addition, cotton cloth diapers eliminated some allergies in infants who had especially sensitive skin. During this era, most women with young children were homemakers and thus there was some extra time for socialization between mothers which included various exchanges of information regarding many topics and issues. Two birthday parties for a child, one with family and one with neighborhood children were common place. This concept perhaps leads to a degree of self centeredness. It would be beneficial to patients if house calls could be made for a reasonable cost, by a physician or other qualified medical staff, to attend to the more gravely ill. Also perhaps telemedicine could be used for some situations of medical care through a computerized SKYPE arrangement. Most people during this era could be relied on to fulfill promises and obligations even under difficult circumstances. As a matter of fact, at that time a handshake was considered by many to be more reliable than a written legally binding contract.

Historical Accounts 1959: 8

Alaska is admitted to the United States as the 49th State in the Union on January 3.

Fidel Castro establishes Communism in Cuba on January 7.

The Barbie Doll is promoted for sale at a New York toy fair on March 9.

Busch Gardens opens in Tampa, Florida on March 31.