Pope Pius XII dies on October 9. Pope John XXIII is elected the Pope on October 28.

The John Birch Society was established on December 9.

The Chinese Great Leap Forward begins.

The Chinese famine begins causing an estimated thirty million deaths by 1961.

Brazil plays against Sweden to win the World Soccer Cup.

Remarks: Communism continues to consume countries around the world. Some people revolt, to no avail. Some people attempt to separate themselves from communistic influences through the joining of patriotic groups in the United States that also provided the American people with information regarding communistic and atheistic infiltrations. The United States government provides taxpayer funds for the exploration of space. World governments seek ways to increase revenues.


At three months old in January, I suffered a health crisis due to a cold virus which caused a high fever and loss of appetite. A general practice physician paid a visit to our home to evaluate my health and to provide for remedial advice. No medication was prescribed for this health crisis but a room vaporizer was recommended. During this illness, I returned close to my birth weight of seven pound, four ounces. After recovery, mother was determined to add plenty of extra weight to my small frame. By my first birthday, I weighed thirty-two pounds. My first year diet consisted of whole milk beginning at five months, cereal, pastina, and homemade prepared mashed fruits and vegetables. A “milkman” regularly delivered dairy products to our front door which was convenient and eliminated some of the need for a second automobile. My parents, who were on a strict budget necessitated the fact that mother prepare baby foods and launder diapers. Because there were many children who remained at home during the daytime in the neighborhood, mother and I sometimes spent the afternoons socializing with other mothers and their children. No vaccines were administered to me or other young infants for that matter during their first year and so mother and father were cautious about over exposing me to germs.

There were two parties given at home for my first birthday, one with neighborhood children and one with family relatives. As a matter of fact, several of my childhood birthdays consisted of two parties, a children’s party and a family relative’s party. Throughout young childhood, I remember feeling annoyed and disappointed during the years when I was told that there would be only one birthday party, exclusive of neighborhood friends.

My parents pledged money to help build a Catholic elementary school in our small but growing town. This growth was largely due to the recent completion of a bridge that allowed people easier access to