automobile. Maternal grandparents were privately practicing Catholics who I suspect read The Bible somewhat regularly, but did not regularly attend Catholic mass.

During their childhoods, both my mother and my father received the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation at the ages designated by the Catholic Church at that time. My father served in the United States army in the department of signal corps during the early years of the 1950’s. He was not deployed to Korea, but was commissioned to France instead. Both grandparents and paternal parents prayed to God and requested of town officials that my father not be sent to a war zone, due to the fact that he was the sole surviving child of his deceased mother. My mother visited relatives in Germany at age sixteen where she was awakened to the devastation of World War II and the family casualties suffered due to this horrific war. My parents who became acquainted with each other in high school, married in 1954. During their early years of their engagement and marriage my father worked at a strenuous job at a paper mill. My mother was a legal secretary for a Wall Street law firm. Later and after moving away from their family in a metropolitan area of New Jersey to a quiet former farming community of New York State, my father successfully completed a union trade program and began work as an apprentice. The home they purchased in the year 1956 was a Cape Cod style home, located on a quiet neighborhood street. It contained two bedrooms downstairs and a living area, an unfinished attic dormer upstairs, a full unfinished basement, and a carport on one third acre of property. Their home was larger than their parent’s homes, as they followed along with their peers, in pursuit of the “American Dream”.

Historical Events

1900-1910: The Boxer Rebellion begins in China. United States President Theodore Roosevelt delivers a speech to Congress to gain their support to limit the power of monopolies. The first movie theater opens in the City of Los Angeles. The first automobile, the Ford Model A is sold. The first airplane flight is accomplished. The first camera is sold. The telephone and telegraph become more widely available. The Russo-Japanese War begins. Czar Nicholas of Russia agrees to a Russian Constitution and created an assembly known as the Duma. Pope Pius X publishes the encyclical Vehementer Nos. The Hague convention is convened. The first world car race was held from New York to Paris. The first airplane show was held in Paris. 1

Remark: An incredible quantity and variety of technological inventions are the highlight of this decade.

1911-1920: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire kills 146 garment workers in New York City. The “unsinkable ship” The Titanic, sinks. The private banking system of The Federal Reserve is established. World War I begins. The Armenian genocide results in millions of people murdered. The Mexican Revolution begins. The Communists assume control of Russia. Our Lady of Fatima, delivers a message to three children in Portugal to warn the people of the devastating consequences of atheistic Communism. An influenza virus kills millions of people worldwide. The Treaty of Versailles is signed ending World War I. The Soviet Union approves abortion for the Russian people. 2