Historical Accounts 1999: 55

An earthquake occurring on January 25 in Colombia kills more than one thousand people.

Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones, become the first people to circle the earth in a hot air balloon concluding on March 21.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches above 10,000 on March 29.

An earthquake in Turkey on August 17 kills more than seventeen thousand people.

An earthquake in Taiwan kills about two thousand four hundred people on September 21.

Exxon and Mobil Corporations merge to form the world’s largest corporation on November 30.

A woman becomes the first person to row across the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat on December 3.

NASA launches the Terra program which consisted of a group of satellites placed in orbit to monitor the Earth.

Remarks: Unprecedented feats are accomplished by individuals. Many people are killed in natural disasters occurring throughout the world.


As I knew abortion to be one of the gross immoralities in the United States, I wrote and prepared a letter to be sent to President Bush regarding the tax payer funding of fetal stem cell research for experimentation in laboratories. I was against this tax payer funded support of embryonic stem cell research. The letter written stated my objections to this kind of research that in essence was due to abortion and based on abortion. I further objected to the use of human beings for laboratory experimentation purposes. But before I had the opportunity to mail this letter in August, President Bush had made the decision to allow the federal funding (tax payer money), to be distributed for embryonic stem cell research in laboratories for sixty four approved embryonic stem cell lines which rendered my letter invalid and passé. Therefore I discarded the letter. At about this time, I began watching the daily workings of government through the televised transmission of activities in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Much of what was being discussed contained an extraordinary large amount of abbreviations which made most of these programs incomprehensible to me. After watching many of these performances, I arrived at the conclusion that the government was purposely trying to confuse, confound, and disorient the American public who were viewing these shows. At this time I ceased to watch the daily happenings within government.

On July 4, spouse, daughter, son, and I attended a fireworks display sponsored by a nearby town. On exiting this event and while walking to our automobile, one noticed an oblivious appearing young woman pushing a baby stroller containing an infant of about one year old. The child was sucking on a