then it is necessary to beseech God for His protection when speaking truthfully. If a court of law truly desires truthful testimony then the last words should instead state, “as God is your witness?”.

To maintain a level of sanity in an evil society, avoid social situations where an intermingling of thoughts can occur leading to an inability to think (confusion) resulting in self doubt regarding various topics of conversation that are usual at a gathering. Many people in an effort to “keep the peace” and also to avoid attacks against oneself will agree with others although the person may truly disagree which can lead to a mind control situation of the person at the social gathering due to a bearing of false witness against neighbors. So until the vast immoralities occurring within the society are removed, it is recommended that people severely limit their exposures to others. In an evil society, life is complicated.

Due to situations where some people gain illegal access to other’s personal saved documents within a computer that is protected by anti-virus programs and where other evildoer’s gain access to private, personal telephone conversations, one may desire to return to past methods of communicating with others. Although the following suggestions may seem primitive to some people, one should contemplate and consider a return to handwritten correspondence or typed correspondence using an “old fashioned” electric typewriter especially if the information divulged is highly confidential or of extreme importance (text can be changed by “hackers” even when “protected” in various formats).

One once asked someone the meaning of “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. The reply was that it was thought that one should not go against a neighbor. Later and in thinking about this reply, I rejected this interpretation and instead thought that if a neighbor is involved in wrong behavior, then it is the responsibility of another to help the neighbor change that wrong behavior to save the neighbor’s life.

Someone once told me there is a cure for cancer but it is expensive. The remedy is called interferon.