concept of genetically engineering human beings in their earliest stages of embryonic development where a person could conceivably have more than two biological parents due to genetic manipulation. The article also discusses the idea of producing disease free human beings through this process. As far as one is concerned, this discipline of science is insane and unethical. It is meant to depose God and to incite His wrath against the entire society. Once again, the influence of evil doers in positions of authority is apparent and evident through these practices.

Beginning in the early years and to the year 2013 of this century, government and special interest groups desired to regulate and control the information placed on the internet. One personally noted that this desire to control information coincided with more religious, moral, educational, and informative data and facts being provided to people on the internet by individuals and groups. Obviously evil others do not want truthful information to be delivered to the populations of people because evil doers would lose wealth, power, and control over the population masses should people believe the truth and change their immoral behaviors that were based on lies, to moral behaviors that are based on the truth. An article posted online at this time titled “The Internet Must Remain Free” by Chuck Baldwin available at this time at  discusses more specifically legislation designed to control information placed on the worldwide web.

On the other hand and through personal experience, one can attest to unauthorized and/or unlegislated censorship, invasions of privacy, and manipulations of information provided on the internet. For one example, in the year 2013 spouse and I were receiving different information provided by the same news source simutaneously. In 2002, illogical directions to a location were provided to me and are elaborated on in this book in the above year. Also, individual items viewed at retail websites were being advertised to me in other websites visited. On a small level, these circumstances may appear to most to be insignificant and inconsequential however, the implications of the above occurrences are great for all people. Consider the consequences of members of the military receiving different information and/or instructions at the same time or medical personnel receiving illogical information or confidential business ideas being delivered to the competition, etcetera.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), constructed between the years of 1988 to 2008 by the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland and other projects initiated throughout the world of the same construction, pose a great threat to mankind and all the inhabitants of the Earth. Through the review of information regarding this device it is clear to all intelligent people that this budgeted nine billion dollar investment will be used for extremely evil purposes. This device operates through producing undetectable beams of light directed at a source creating a “black hole” situation where the targeted matter disappears. As most people know, all people, places, and things including the atmosphere are made of matter. Once more, evil is obviously usurping God and His authority through the use of this extremely dangerous device that is now in the hands of some who believe themselves’ to be gods. It is interesting to note that thousands of years ago, God created three miracles that are documented in The Bible which relate to the science of this manmade spectacle. These passages are written with the following: