system through private business, be legitimately elected by the people (see Electoral System Commentary). Under a public banking system concept, profits are returned to the people, to be used for works of serving the public good. A monetary system based on the gross domestic product (GDP), using a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) type of insurance, and a discounted payout in gold if requested, should provide for the confidence that is necessary for the people to have in the monetary system.

Mutual funds should disclose to the shareholders the firms where investment has been made. At this time, the industries are disclosed to the shareholders, not the companies invested in. The reason given is that the money is moved around too frequently to keep shareholders abreast of corporation investment changes. Some shareholders may have moral objections to investing in certain corporations such as those involved in fetal stem cell research. Evil can and has used mutual funds to further immoral agendas.

All workers should be given the opportunity for a guaranteed monthly payment from a pension retirement system. This alleviates the anxiety some may experience with a lump sum payout system. For those who want a lump sum payout of retirement money, then that option should be made available to them.

For federal and state income tax, a flat tax system beginning at a designated income level, with no deductions and based on income only, is most equitable. The flat tax percentage could be increased in increments based on income bracket. This system is much less complicated than the current system therefore making it easier for people to compute their own taxes due. In addition, much corruption would be eliminated. Also, any income based on the sale of securities should be readjusted for inflation. For example, securities purchased twenty years ago, and sold in today’s market are being unfairly taxed, based on not taking into account the inflation rate. In summation, it is important to understand that the real value of money can change over time due to inflation and other circumstances, and should be readjusted to reflect that, before the tax due is determined.

In an immoral society, the concept of a one world currency and government, will initially wreak havoc on some nations with the eventual destruction of all nations. Due to societal differences such as culture and the priorities of the people, as well as climatic differences, the production of goods and services vary widely between countries. Those countries that are not delivering their “fair share” of goods and services become indebted to those countries that are the “bigger producers”. Due to this indebtedness, creditors are in a position to inflict unpopular and/or immoral economic, social, and political policies on the indebted nation.

A suggestion for young people, before deciding on a career, is to look through the yellow pages of a telephone book or several telephone books to see where there are gaps or people needed in some professions. Too many of the young people have no real skills upon graduating school. Many have chosen careers that are already oversaturated with workers thus leading to lower salaries. This situation has contributed to the unemployment problem and to the establishments of monopolies. With too few