remedy abuses were cited in the Commentary on Remedies. The Commentary on Secular Education provided several examples of the vast immoralities occurring in the secular public schools together with remedial advice and possible solutions to problems. Further information and many more examples of the destructive nature of public secular schooling can be found in this abridged autobiography and in the books shown in the resource section of 2006 and the bibliography shown at the end of this book. It is more than obvious through the presentation of much evidence that evil is destroying the youth of this country (and perhaps world), through immoral indoctrination in the public schools.

In December, the Commentaries on Public Welfare, Mass Media, and Tyranny were written. The Commentary on Public Welfare discusses a system that is self perpetuating to the recipients of welfare and does not provide sufficiently for the self reliance of the welfare recipient. The people relying on welfare for sustenance should realize that accepting money and services (especially with no exchange of work) from evil sources, subjects those individuals to added societal influences of evil. Suggestions were presented to solve some of the problems of the welfare system. In contemplating all of the good, moral, sane, educational, and religious programs that could be presented to the population of people through mass media, one can easily become outraged over the current status of programming and written content of much of mass media. It should be noted that television, in and of itself, may be in violation of Commandment II as stated in The Hebraic Roots Bible Exodus 20:4 as follows: “You shall not make a graven image for yourself, or any likeness in the heavens above, or in the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth;”. The Ten Commandments were cited in this Commentary on Mass Media to basically inform the population of people on the machinations evil uses through mass media to engage many people in immoralities. The last commentary written during this year was the Commentary on Tyranny. The horror of this situation was briefly explained through a short history provided to the reader with a few examples of the implications of this depraved state of the society.

Retrospective: It is likely that the charitable group sending the birthday greeting card was violating the Commandment that states Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s house. Examining The Ten Commandments for today’s society could answer questions like the above.  During times of emotional and/or psychological stress, one should occupy one’s time to focus on other less stressful topics and activities to provide for the continued functioning of self and family. Organization and a clean environment contribute positively to one’s mood when under stress or confinement. A preoccupation with accomplishing one task causes considerable frustration and exasperation with other tasks deemed to be less important but necessary to accomplish as well. Beware of some of the previews of other movies shown in parentally approved children’s DVD and VHS format shows. Some movie previews of other children’s shows depict evil thus exposing the child to evil. By November, I realized the content of each Commentary was one part of a larger puzzle. The best way I thought to express this concept was to present each Commentary in a debatable hierarchy within a triangular pyramid depicting the eye of evil at the top in a position of authority promoting, directing, and causing evil within the society with the assistance of other evil doers and potential evil doers within the society.