After arriving home from Florida in 1999, I increasingly noticed a large number of retarded people being shuttled throughout the town and county in vans being driven on roadways. I wondered why suddenly and recently, there were so many mentally challenged people residing in this relatively small community. In later years and through internet research, I realized that perhaps some of these retarded people had mental retardation inflicted on them by others. In addition, I became aware during this year that normal preschool children whose parents had a low financial income were offered free nursery school for their children at a large preschool for mentally, intellectually, and physically disabled and challenged children. I remarked to spouse that normal preschool children would likely suffer from problems perhaps similar to the disabled children through attending class together with this group.

The community of my residence lost a considerable number of people in the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center disaster. Therefore, and as of this date, community memorial ceremonies to honor these victims are annually scheduled for on or about, September 11. In reviewing the evidence and testimonies provided by many architects, it unequivocally appears that a conspiracy to destroy those buildings was enacted by others besides (in addition to) the obvious perpetuators of the plan. Building seven of the World Trade Center was destroyed several hours after the attacks by airplane on buildings one and two of the Trade Center. In addition, architects have repeatedly stated that two airplanes striking these buildings could not completely destroy these gigantic skyscrapers as they were destroyed. It has also been suggested by demolition experts that buildings one and two of the World Trade Center were imploded shortly after the airplanes struck the buildings through the use of incendiary devices that were installed in the buildings, prior to the airplanes striking these two buildings.

Retrospective: Beware of disbursing large sums of money to hired workers prior to starting a job especially when the materials for a job have been acquired by the homeowner. Contemplate paying workers on a daily basis after portions of the job are accomplished to satisfy the hired help. One may also contemplate purchasing the materials by one’s self for a hired help job due to much corruption and fraud in the home repair and improvement industry. Older pre-teen and teenage children may be able to assist at preschools where disabled children are enrolled. Using normal preschool children to assist disabled preschool children is detrimental to both groups of children. It is one’s opinion that the World Trade Center attacks were used as a premise to start another immoral war or wars (perhaps even World War III). A return to abiding by The Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins, and Abominations would likely gain God’s favor and assistance in removing evil from positions of authority.

Historical Accounts 2009: 74

An earthquake occurring on September 30 kills about one thousand people in Indonesia.

Scientists claim on October 1 to have discovered the earliest human skeleton to date named Ardipithecus ramidus.

Scientists discover thirty two planets outside of the Solar system by October 20.