hear of a child who is still not completely toilet trained at four years old. Today, disposable diapers are offered for purchase that contain within the diapers, a potentially dangerous liquid absorbing gel. If this gel is released from its’ containment within the diaper while worn by the infant, harm could possibly be inflicted on the baby. In addition, these diapers are contributors to creating the huge amounts of waste seen in landfills. Today, quality cloth diapers can be purchased with safe Velcro closures. Biodegradable paper diaper inserts can also provide extra protection from leakage and allow for ease when changing a baby’s diaper. Soft reusable vinyl and cotton pants can also be found for sale on the internet to provide additional protection from leakage.

In the autumn, a disturbing, barely discernable telephone call was received by son who was away from home attending a university. He informed spouse that he was attacked by a group of wayward youths the night prior and had just been released from the emergency room of a hospital located in the area of his school attendance. After hearing of this attack, spouse drove to son’s off campus apartment that he shared with other students, to visit with son. Son suffered a concussion and other head injuries and trauma including lacerations requiring stitches on his lips, head, and chin, a black eye, and a swollen face. Other bodily injuries were sustained as well. Son had informed spouse and me that in addition to being attacked by several individuals, broken glass bottles were being used by the wayward youths as weapons against him. I suggested after this incident that son return home from school and attend a college in the local area where he could commute to school but son refused as he was determined to complete his studies at this far from home university. Because spouse was dismissed from his job in August 2006, health insurance coverage had expired for our family. Fortunately however, the police informed us that the money to pay for son’s extensive treatment in the emergency room of the hospital for injuries sustained during this attack would be covered under a crime victims fund established apparently by government.

Retrospective: Progressively, and comparing the pregnancies and births of my parent’s children, our children, and daughter’s pregnancy and birth of her child, mothers in a vulnerable, ill, and recuperative position are increasingly expected to be on guard for attacks by evil doers against them and their newborn babies. A possible solution to this problem is to provide a patient advocate for all patients contending with various remedial specialists and this suggestion should also probably include a patient advocate for infants (as our granddaughter was given an immunization that was declined by daughter, for one example). It is safest not to submerge a newborn in water for a bath until the baby reaches three months post birth as a bath in water can traumatize some newborn infants. Is it possible that the hepatitis B immunization routinely administered to newborns, causes a blood infection in some babies? A comprehensive DVD explaining and depicting good and proper infant care should be distributed to all new mothers by all facilities involved in providing childbirth services. Prior to the distribution of this DVD, the content should be reviewed and approved of by other outside interested groups such as some prolife groups and religious organizations for two examples. Laboratories within close proximity to one’s residence and treatment center should be used by remedy specialists (this includes the manufacture of dental apparatuses) to provide for timely results. People should beware that pedophiles and pornography inspired individuals are prevalent throughout an evil society and are sometimes engaged in