At about this time, it became known to me that some retailers and credit card companies included expiration dates on gift cards. If a gift card is paid for with cash to the amount on the card, it is stealing to include an expiration date on an issued gift card.

In February, spouse and I welcomed our first grandchild, a girl who was born to daughter. The birth and the next several weeks after grandchild’s birth were however, harrowing for me. Daughter was less than one week past her due date for infant delivery but the physician deemed that labor induction was necessary. On the day scheduled for labor inducement, daughter was informed of the drug to be administered for this procedure. Daughter rejected this drug as she was aware of several dangerous side effects to the infant resulting from the use of this substance. Instead, she requested a “safer” drug to be administered for labor inducement. Experiencing significant labor discomfort for more than thirty six hours, granddaughter was finally born naturally. Daughter requested that the hepatitis B immunization not be administered to the newborn. Two days later, daughter was dismissed from the hospital but the physician stated that infant granddaughter must remain in the hospital due to a blood infection and a jaundice condition. It was a sad day when daughter returned home without her baby. A few days later infant granddaughter was released from the hospital. Daughter had decided not to breast feed the baby and so a brand of infant formula was prescribed by the pediatrician and a small supply of this formula packaged in individual serving bottles was provided to daughter by the hospital at the time of the baby’s release from this facility. Upon daughter arriving home with granddaughter, I proceeded to warm a bottle containing infant formula on the stove by placing the bottle in water that was contained in a sauce pan (microwave ovens remove nutrition from food). Daughter asked me why I was warming the bottle of formula as it was stated to her by a staff member working at the hospital that the formula should be given to the newborn infant at room temperature. I was aghast at this detrimental advice given to her by a professional. I explained to daughter that the body temperature of a breast feeding woman is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and that any formula or food given to an infant should be at or close to this temperature. Exhausted and emotionally drained, daughter also recognized and could not believe this bad advice given by a remedy specialist. I particularly noticed that infant granddaughter’s eyes appeared to indicate an illness to me and so I was extra diligent and attentive to the baby and would not allow her to express discomfort through crying for a need. One also innately believes that a post traumatic stress syndrome could develop in infants that are left to cry for a lengthy period of time. By the time the remnant of the umbilical cord became dislodged from the infant’s naval, daughter was told that a bath, through the submersion of the infant in water, could be ministered to the baby. So, within two weeks of birth, granddaughter was placed on a soft contoured sponge that was submerged in a shallow bath. After being placed in the bath, infant granddaughter became overwhelmed and flailed her arms and legs.  Daughter immediately removed her infant from the bath and wrapped her tightly in a towel where the baby drifted off into a deep sleep. While dressing her, granddaughter could not be roused. Daughter frantically telephoned the pediatrician about this circumstance and visited with him and granddaughter immediately. The physician also could not rouse granddaughter from her slumber and suggested to daughter that the baby may have had a seizure. The pediatrician telephoned the hospital and admitted infant granddaughter for various tests. The baby awoke from her sleep while at