behavior. In an immoral society, where many have been deprived of a Biblically based moral education, limits should be placed on the number of people permitted to attend an event or facility. In a good, moral society, people police themselves and take the initiative to chastise others who are causing trouble. One has noted throughout the past forty five years to 2013, that some specific non edible consumer goods have remained constant in price (even with a considerable inflation rate over the years), while the cost of other goods and services to include energy products, have skyrocketed. Some people take their frustrations, anxieties, and aggravation out on others. Children may be especially vulnerable to these attacks. Avoiding people of this nature is recommended.

Historical Accounts 1965: 14

The Vietnam War escalates and the first major protest of many begins on April 17 and is organized by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in Washington, D.C..

The Voting Rights Act to end voting discriminatory practices against African Americans is signed on August 6, by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

The United Kingdom abolishes the death penalty on November 8.

A power outage lasting more than thirteen hours affects the Northeastern United States on November 9, which resulted in looting and property damages caused by wayward people.

NASA launches the first two person crew into orbit aboard the Gemini 3. Gemini 4 astronaut Edward Higgins White accomplishes the first space walk. Gemini 5 astronauts spend eight days in space, the longest length of time to date. Gemini 6 and Gemini 7 are launched and establish contact with each other in space.

Remarks: Disenchantment and outrage with government policies regarding the Vietnam War spurns many protests, mostly by young adults. Immoral people use the compromising situations of others to inflict harm and damages on people.  There are many launches by NASA this year including five launchings of the Gemini program.


The spring of 1966 centered on Communion and a party planned afterwards to celebrate this Sacrament. German grandmother took my measurements to sew a dress for this occasion. After completing the sewing of this white eyelet dress, I tried it on to examine the fit shortly before the Communion date only to find out that the measurements taken months earlier had changed as I had put on a few extra pounds. Annoyances and frustrations were expressed and blame was cast, that this stressful situation was because of me. Grandmother quickly made some adjustments on the dress but still the dress was tight. Mother, who suffered from occasional back problems, became incapacitated shortly before the Communion date which required her to remain in bed this day. German grandmother stayed with mother to help and to prepare for the after Communion party. Father and other relatives