On June 25, the Catholic Church expresses their condemnation of the birth control pill.

NASA launches Ranger 7 containing television cameras to photograph the moon and launches Mariner 4, also containing television cameras, to photograph Mars.

Remarks: Many people prefer not to “get involved”, even when other’s lives, their own lives and the safety of many, may be threatened. People are stunned to see the after effects of a tremendously powerful earthquake. It becomes more widely known that the personal privacies of all people are put at risk. The Catholic Church advises against the use of the birth control pill. NASA obtains clearer images and photographs of the Moon and Mars through the use of television cameras.


Father had assumed the responsibility of bringing me to church with him for Sunday mass. A requirement of girls and women at that time was to cover ones head with a hat or a veil. I despised the hat designated for me to wear for Sunday’s mass. It was a large brimmed straw hat with a banded fake flower trim at the base of the hat. After viewing adult women in church wearing veils, I asked mother for this kind of head covering. She exclaimed to me that children do not wear veils, they wear hats. Continuing to resent having to wear this hat for mass on Sundays, one wished that this was not a requirement of the Church. Eventually, my wish was granted.

The summer of 1964 seemed to be extraordinarily hot and sticky one without the availability of a swimming pool. The sprinkler mother supplied did not provide for a lasting cooling of the body. As the summer of 1965 approached, I suggested to my parents that we purchase a pool similar to the small three foot pool we had while living at our previous address. Mother stated that the time spent needed to level an area for the pool and the pool assembly combined with pool maintenance would hinder the completion of other projects planned, that were deemed of a higher priority. Mother informed me that a new State park pool would be opening in the area at the beginning of this summer that we would regularly frequent. Our first visit to the pool was pleasant. There was room to swim and the area surrounding the pool was clean and had a fresh scent. The staff was accommodating and the people attending the pool were polite and civilized. Mother, brother, and I were pleased and looked forward to our next visit. We were surprised however that by our next visit, the number of people attending the pool had substantially increased. Several busses of children of various ages were in attendance. There was some rude and uncivilized behavior, but this was kept under control by a diligent staff who could manage this increased and somewhat unruly crowd. Our third visit to this pool was horrendous. Many bus loads of youngsters were in attendance, the bath houses contained an unpleasant order and the pool was extremely crowded. Pushing and vulgar language abounded and the staff seemed to have visibly lost control of the bathers and those sunbathing and playing in the surrounding areas of the pool. A final straw of feces floating in the toddler pool prompted mother to quickly summon brother and I to leave this swim park, never to return. We suffered through the large remainder of that summer with a sprinkler used for cooling. By the summer of 1966, father erected a four foot high swimming pool in our backyard.