classroom for religious instruction was designed in a similar way. Next to my desk, posted on the wall were The Ten Commandments. The teacher reviewed these with the class and instruction centered upon the learning of prayers in preparation for the Sacrament of Communion scheduled for the following year. I recall questioning what the word “fruit” meant in the context of “The Hail Mary”. The teacher explained that this word was an analogy to explain Jesus Christ in the womb. Many years later, when I taught religious instruction, a child asked me the same question, and I uncomfortably gave her the same answer because a fruit is most insignificant when compared with a child.

Beginning in first grade through third grade, a series of phonics reading books titled “Alice and Jerry” were used to instruct students. I enjoyed reading these stories that were moral, adventuresome, and sane tales about the lives of ordinary children. Asking mother if she could perhaps purchase these books for me to read at home, she replied that these series of books were only made available to schools and not to the public.

Retrospective: Many parents accommodated children to alleviate fears. Sometimes a death in the family, prompts people to change their environment, perhaps in an effort to somewhat forget an upsetting occurrence. In the 1960’s most families were larger than they are today. Most mothers were homemakers who had the time to care for the family. Women were also more involved in the community and with school curriculum. Abortion was considered to be immoral.There were clear expectations and enforcements regarding public school requirements to include dress codes. Today the wearing of clothes for play to secular public school is the expected dress of attire that could result for some students in a casual attitude towards learning.  The ability for children to focus was greater with an individual seating arrangement.  “Creative” lessons and other fanfare were not part of the curriculum. Textbooks were closely followed and were read together in class. Workbook activity required quiet individual study and practice. Homework was distributed daily with a possible reprieve on weekends. In 2009 and with internet service, one discovered that used “Alice and Jerry” books could be purchased online through book outlets. Other sane early reading books for children are also currently available online by searching “basic reading books for children” followed by the individual years of the 1950’s and/or the 1960’s.

Historical Accounts 1964: 13

A woman is stabbed to death on March 13, while many of her neighbors hear her screams and do nothing. Psychologists labeled this human behavior as the “bystander effect”. Aspects of this effect include the lack of willingness of some people, to accept any responsibility.

The most powerful United States earthquake occurs in Alaska on March 27 at a magnitude of 9.2 on the moment magnitude scale.

At least forty hidden microphones are found inside of the walls in the United States Embassy in Moscow on May 19.