neighborhood spraying the entire area with a chemical that created a thick fog obscuring all windows views to the outdoors. Sometime later, the official’s car would once again return and an official would announce by bullhorn, that it was safe to leave one’s home.

One morning father received a concerned telephone call from a neighbor who said to him that a “peeping Tom” was discovered roaming the neighborhood. Through a succession of telephone calls and direct conversation with others residing in the neighborhood, everyone was alerted to this still not apprehended immoral deviate. The incredible outrage displayed by some people regarding this “peeping Tom” baffled me at this time.

Mother purchased two Siamese fighting fish, a male and a female, a ten gallon aquarium, gravel, a filter, and a water heater from a local pet store. Also purchased was a booklet containing information about this variety of fish. She announced to me that we would be beginning a new hobby raising Siamese fighting fish. I was amazed at the brilliant colors on the fins of the male fish and watched him battle himself as he viewed his reflection on the glass of the fish tank. A short time later we realized that the female was with eggs. Mother informed me that it was imperative that the water temperature remain constant for the fry in the low 80 degrees Fahrenheit. After the male fish squeezed the eggs from the female, mother removed the female from the tank to prevent her from eating the eggs. We watched the male fish carry each egg in his mouth to a “bubble nest” built by him that was floating on the surface of the water. Once reaching this nest, he deposited the egg inside of a single bubble. A short time later we viewed tiny fry inside of the bubbles. The following weekend, mother had planned with father an evening out to a restaurant and a movie. She stated that a babysitter would be caring for brother and me during their excursion. The following morning we went into the room housing the Siamese fighting fish and the newly hatched fry only to realize that the tiny fish had all died. It was discovered that the babysitter had turned off a switch that operated the water heater.

For various occasions my family would be invited to visit with German grandmother and grandfather. On one of these visits, grandmother, mother, and I were in the kitchen helping to prepare a meal to be served and were talking about various topics. The subject arose of an abortionist living in grandparent’s town. The house cited to me was familiar as we took many walks around grandparent’s neighborhood. The house was large for that era and had a meticulously maintained professionally landscaped property. I did not understand the word abortionist and asked what the word meant. After the definition was provided I quickly exclaimed that the police should be notified. The retort was that many people in town knew about this man and his practice, and so let somebody else call the police.

Retrospective: Joyous events and occasions can sometimes be dampened or ruined due to the stress of party planning that is usually the responsibility of one individual. Fair divisions of tasks among family members would most likely solve this problem. If others are not willing to help then perhaps a desired celebration after an event should be cancelled. Some substances used for pest control in the 1960’s, were later found out to be extremely hazardous to humans. For example, DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) has been found to cause genetic mutations that could cause birth