Remarks:  Telling children to pray to God in the public schools becomes unlawful thus handicapping vast populations of children. Evil and immoral forces in positions of authority, threaten the people of the world with a nuclear war (refer to the Electoral System Commentary for a possible solution to this problem). The space program expands with additional goals and achievements. A unique, “long haired” rock and roll musical group named “The Beatles” releases their first single on a 45 rpm (rotations per minute) record.


In the spring of this year, mother and father prepared for the birth of their second child and my sibling. The crib that was in storage was cleaned and assembled and placed in their bedroom. Yellow, green, and white infant layette clothing that I wore as an infant was laundered and placed in drawers. Other infant items were cleaned as well, in preparation for this greatly anticipated baby. It was arranged that paternal grandmother (my great grandmother), would stay at our home just prior to the expected birth and immediately following the birth and home coming of the baby. After mother and baby arrived home, the plan was that German grandmother would stay for as long as needed while great grandmother, returned to her home. Brother arrived at a local hospital on a sunny day in April. I begged father to take me to visit mother and new brother but it was explained to me that young children were not permitted to visit inside of the hospital. After a one week hospital stay, mother arrived home with our new baby. The total cost for the hospital was less than $800. The fee for the specialist obstetrician was extra. I was very excited to see, and looked forward to holding the new baby. German grandmother scolded that I was overly anxious and that mother and baby needed rest. Finally, I was able to see my new brother closely after washing my hands and face and donning a face mask that covered my mouth and nose. It was recommended at that time that all others, except for the parents, wear a mask when in close proximity to a newborn to prevent the spread of germs.

We often visited German grandmother and grandfather’s home in New Jersey, for the holidays. Two courses of the three course meal were always predictable. The meal always began with a beef broth vegetable soup with matzo dumplings and ended with a dessert of a hazelnut mocha raspberry torte offered from a special bakery in a nearby town. After many years of eating the same dessert at grandparents home, I began to despise this torte. However, several years after my grandparents died I craved this cake and sought it out at many bakeries (as the one grandmother attended had closed) to no avail. I have yet to be able to find the same mocha raspberry hazelnut torte of this childhood experience. The dinner table conversation at grandparents home at times centered on the past and included discussions about World War II and some of the events leading to this catastrophic war. Grandmother would relay stories about family members in Germany who were subjected to Nazi genealogical investigations in the regimes quest to identify and perhaps murder those people of the Jewish faith or Jewish ancestry. Although both grandmother and grandfather’s family were of the Catholic faith, they were unsure if Jewish ancestors were in their background. This situation as we were told created much anxiety for my grandparents and the extended family residing in Germany. In addition to conversation centering on World War II, grandmother usually spoke about her various