Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union becomes the first human being to navigate space on April 12.

Genetic engineering begins with Heinrich Mattaei’s discovery on the genetic code on May 15.

The construction of the Berlin Wall begins on August 13.

The Vietnam War officially begins on December 11.

An Israeli war crimes tribunal sentences Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichman to death on December 15.

An early NASA program launches Ham the chimpanzee into space aboard the Mercury rocket ship. Alan Shepard Jr. becomes the first American and second person to explore space aboard the Mercury-Redstone 3.

Remarks: A physical barrier, to separate Communist Europe from other nations is erected, but this symbolic wall is ineffective as Communist philosophy continues to expand throughout the world. Within forty years of this date every person’s heredity can be determined by a select few people in positions of authority. Read the Commentaries on Genetic Identification and Science and Technology for further information regarding the dangers of the above science. A war officially fought for twelve years begins. The Nazi’s of World War II continue to be brought to justice. Communists assume control of countries throughout the world extending their influence into the North American hemisphere. Space exploration becomes a United States priority.


Most of our family vacations in the early to middle 1960’s were spent on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Usually a small beach cottage was rented for the week, where we spent our once a year vacation on the beach swimming, sunning, beachcombing, and exploring areas that became familiar and new. In the early years of the 1990’s, I returned to this area with my spouse and two children and noticed how greatly the land area had changed. Erosion over the years, made this once familiar place unrecognizable.

On frequent occasions father would announce a slide show presentation. A tripod screen was erected in the living room, with the projector placed several feet from the screen. After mother and I were seated, the lights were turned off and father would place one slide at a time into the projector, carefully explaining each slide. I immensely enjoyed viewing these pictorials. Then one afternoon during required nap time, I decided to view these slides on my own. The projector, screen, and slides were stored inside of my bedroom closet. While removing the projector from the floor of the closet, the case opened and the projector fell to the floor, breaking the lens. Mother sternly entered the room and punished me for this mischief. Eventually, father had the projector repaired but we seldom used it after this incident as photographs became less expensive to develop and were easier to view.

Italian grandfather, grandmother, and young uncles frequently visited our home which was always a pleasant and fun experience. I enjoyed listening to grandfather’s stories and felt safe with his