A revolutionary music group called the Beatles, makes their debut on August 17.

A book publisher of a novel titled “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” is found not guilty of distributing obscene literature on November 2.

Remark: The beginning year of this decade represents a year of dismantlement, upheaval, and change. The birth control pill begins to be distributed to women in the United States causing early abortions. Also women taking this pill become subjects of an experiment as the long term side effects of this drug are unknown. The earthquake in Chile was the most powerful ever recorded at 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale. During this era mild forms of pornography were not tolerated by many people resulting in litigation.


By the time I was three years old, permission was granted to leave our property to engage in play with other children within the immediate vicinity of our home. Some games of play determined by a group of young children during this era was a popular game called “Cowboys and Indians”, other games included Hide and Seek, and a game called “House” where children would designate themselves as father, mother, and children. Parades viewed in town were influential and organized as play by this childhood group, using various toy musical instruments. Television also had an influence on children’s play, as it is recalled that most of us sported a “Beenie and Cecil” cap.

At this age, my hair was long, thick, and very curly creating agony during hair brushing and combing. Mother became tired of the screams and tears and so brought me to a local barber shop for a short haircut. Playmates would mildly tease that I looked like a “Tomboy”. A few years later, a famous model made my childhood hairstyle vogue and popular with the “pixie” haircut. During the next thirty five years or so, it was important when styling one’s hair that a desired part be precisely drawn straight. By the late 1990’s and the early years of the turn of the century, many people were sporting crooked, sloppy parts incorporated into their hairstyle. It was at this time that I decided to forego a middle part in my hair, and brushed my hair completely back with no part.

Once a month, mother and I would shop at an all inclusive department store for household items and clothing. These excursions I greatly looked forward to as the store contained an interesting pet department, wonderful toy department, and a tantalizing candy section. Any desired toy seen in the store was relegated to a birthday or Christmas list. The store also contained a diner like restaurant where we would have a meal prior to beginning our shopping expedition.

On a weekly basis, I accompanied mother to the supermarket, which was a less interesting shopping experience for me. The candy displayed at the checkout area however gained my attention and on one occasion several packages of candies were dropped into a shopping bag by me as mother was busy with the cashier at the register. Upon arriving home, mother discovered the candy in the shopping bag, promptly scolded me, and explained that what I did was stealing and that groceries are paid for with