awhile before finally drifting off to sleep. Father, who was annoyed at this behavior, resolved this problem by drilling holes from the basement, to the floor of my bedroom and then bolting the crib legs to the floor at the designated area of the room for the crib.

Retrospective: Some people in 1960 may have been objecting to and protesting the introduction of the birth control pill on religious grounds and for other reasons of ethics, including regard and concern for the health of women. These protests may have resulted in a punishment by evil doers in authority positions that attacked the livelihoods of people through the initiation of a significant recession that occurred in the early part of 1960, where many people lost their jobs. A tight money policy initiated by the private banking system initially affects the construction industry in economic downturns, as bank borrowing is usually a component of this industry.  This recessionary period where many lost their jobs, also may have served as a deterrent to other people, from becoming involved in the protesting of this immoral introduction of an abortifacient and dangerous contraceptive hormonal drug supplied to the general population of women. Young children are inclined to be truthful in their communication. They later learn tact, deception, and manipulation of language, to varying degrees based on the morality of society. In an immoral society, children learn to lie. Many times, mothers who were homemakers in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s, would temporarily find employment during times of a family financial crisis to provide for the monetary needs of the family until the father and husband, secured permanent employment. Family pets provide children with a sense of compassion, responsibility, and love for warm blooded living creatures. They also provide for the needs of companionship and friendship during those times when other children are not available for play. The selection of favorite toys by children is somewhat determined and based on societal norms and morals. For example, in a society that values family, baby dolls may be a favorite play choice for many little girls. Young children require a basically determined and adhered to schedule to provide for good habits, preparation, anticipation, confidence, security, comfort, and knowledge.

Historical Accounts 1960: 9

A particle accelerator begins its first operation in Switzerland on February 5.

An earthquake in Morocco kills approximately fifteen thousand people on February 29.

Two scientists descend into the ocean in the bathyscaphe to be the first people to reach the lowest area on earth on January 22.

The United States launches the first functioning weather satellite on April 1.

The birth control pill is approved as an oral contraceptive for the first time worldwide by the United States Food and Drug Administration on May 9.

The largest earthquake ever recorded occurs in Chile at a 9.5 rating on the moment magnitude scale killing approximately six thousand people on May 22.