temperature. Baby bottles were sterilized through a special bottle sterilization kit. Newborns were not permitted to cry for long and were tended to promptly. It appears as though a genetic identification project was well underway beginning in the 1930’s. The research into the general population’s genealogy by the Nazi’s likely caused much anxiety for many people. It is also likely that this type of background investigation silenced many would be dissenters and protesters of Nazism. In the 1980’s, parents were asked to regularly send into school with their young child tissues, for the children’s use should a child have a minor cold. It is ones belief that a handkerchief pinned to the young child’s garment is a more sensible way to prevent a contagion in the classroom due to the closer proximity of the handkerchief versus a box of tissues. During this era the Kindergarten classes contained at least double the amount of students with classes of two sessions, as compared to twenty five years later. When daughter and son attended Kindergarten years later in the same school district there were two all day Kindergarten classes. This “Santa Claus event” was insane. Parents sometimes try to compensate for some personal or family perceived inadequacy through the presentation of gifts that can lead to the spoiling of a child. Extra time spent with a child is many times all that is necessary to alleviate personal guilt.

Historical Accounts 1963: 12

An erupting volcano kills about fifteen hundred people in Bali in January.

Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space on June 16.

Pope John XXIII dies on June 3 and is succeeded by Pope Paul VI on June 21.

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at a rally in Washington D.C. on August 28.

A hurricane kills more than seven thousand people in Cuba and Hispaniola in early October.

On November 18, Bell Telephone introduces the first push button telephone to the public.

United States President John F. Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22.

NASA launches their first orbiting satellite Syncom.

Remarks: Martin Luther King Jr. leads a peaceful ethnic movement to establish equal rights for African Americans. The presidential assassination of 1963 is still being investigated as of 2013 in a quest to solve a continued much publicized conspiracy theory. As feminists begin their causes demanding equal opportunities in the work force, a woman is selected for a mission in space. The first United States communication satellite that orbits around the earth is launched. People begin to push buttons on telephones, but still say (even to this day) that they are dialing a number.