A flood in China on August 7 kills approximately four thousand people.

The first Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip is inserted into a human being an August 24.

A hurricane in Central America at the end of October kills about eighteen thousand people.

NASA’s Lunar Prospector detects water contained in soil on the poles of the Moon. The Galileo probe suggests Jupiter’s moon Europa also contains water. Japan joins the United States and Russia in space exploration.

France plays Brazil to win the world soccer cup.

Remarks: There are an unusually high number of natural disasters that occur this year. Engineering feats continue to astound many. Four million people die needlessly during a change of government due to the fact that election systems have been proven to be corrupt. The chipping of human beings for identification, location, and other purposes begins. Read the Commentary on Environmentalism shown at the end of this book to understand the potential dangers of this procedure and technology.


By the end of 1998, spouse had obtained another job that was not within his industry of experience. This job required relocation to New York which suited our needs but the work hours were long, about sixteen hours a day including the commute to a nearby city. Spouse worked at this job for several months before procuring another job within his industry of experience. In November, I interviewed and was hired for a job in the travel industry working on a part time basis for five and one half hours daily. The day I began paid employment, I was required to fill out necessary forms. The manager of the department of my assignment excused me upon arriving at work in the morning, to the office lobby to complete paperwork. The human resource employee gave me at least a six inch stack of forms that needed to be completed. By afternoon, the manager of my assignment came to seek me out where she found me still completing paperwork. It was noted by both of us that the amount of forms required for completion for a job had substantially increased over the years. On arriving home, I discussed this phenomenon with spouse. We agreed that the amount of forms and paperwork to be completed throughout all aspects of business, medicine, law, and government for examples had reached the point of harassment. In addition many required forms to be read contained “double speak” and other incomprehensible language. The working atmosphere of this job was considerably quieter than the previous job in Florida. In early December of 1998, daughter and son were enrolled in school at two former schools of my teen and pre teen attendance. This transition was not as difficult as the Florida transition as daughter and son were familiar with many of the students in this area of our residence prior to moving to Florida. Spouse, daughter, son, and I temporarily moved into mother and father’s home until the house in Florida was sold in April. At the end of March, knowing the sale of our home in Florida was probably secured through a contract, the tenants renting our New York home were given two months notice to vacate the premises. By the end of May, arrangements were made to move the