One day before my birth, Pope John XXIII was elected Pope to assume the position of Pope Pius the XII who had departed this world earlier in the month of October 1958. John is the name of my godfather. My brother Paul was born in April of 1963. Pope Paul VI assumed the position of Pope, after the death of Pope John XXIII in June of 1963. In August of 1978, Pope John Paul I was elected Pope following the passing of Pope Paul VI. He died approximately one month later and was succeeded by Pope John Paul II. It is interesting to note that a duality of Popes names (which happen to be my godfather’s and brother’s names) has never occurred prior to 1978. Also, the selection of names of these Popes, John and Paul perhaps reflects New Testament doctrine related to those historical times of the last years of the 1950’s through to 2005. In addition, one’s birth time was documented to be at 11:23 pm on Wednesday, October 29, 1958, which is the same time shown on a pocket watch on the book jacket of “Tragedy and Hope” “A History of the World in Our Time” authored by Carrol Quigley. Added to this, it has been documented that the first internet transmission (ARPANET) occurred on October 29, 1969. The word “login” was apparently the desired first word to be transmitted. However, only part of this word “lo” arrived at its’ destination at 10:30 pm on October 29, 1969. It has been reported that the second part of this word “gin”, “arrived about an hour later”, perhaps at 11:23 pm on October 29, 1969. Another important historical book “Annals of the World” written by Reverend Archbishop James Ussher and first published in the year 1658 states on page 17, that God finished His creation of the world on October 28 and rested from His work on Saturday, October 29. Obviously interpretation is needed here. Perhaps if all calendars and months of the year are analyzed equally (a ten month calendar was the common calendar used at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth) together with documentations of the sightings of the “Star of Bethlehem”, and careful New Testament scrutiny combined with the examination of other historical records, Saturday, October 29 may have indeed been the date the Messiah, Jesus Christ was born.

So, I do believe that I was dedicated to God to work on this project prior to my birth (dedicated by whom I do not know) to perhaps to be a messenger. As messenger the requirement was and is to present testimony and documentation regarding aspects of this immoral society to people for their consideration, contemplation, and analysis and also to further inform people of impending disaster if they do not return to adhering to The Ten Commandments and to avoid Capital Sins and Abominations. Realize that serious and earnest prayer to God, repentance, penance, and forgiveness of others are part of this formula.