ensnare a small animal of the forest. I picked up a stick and snapped this trap shut and simultaneously watched this stick snap into two pieces. I thought this method of hunting to be cruel and inhumane. After snapping the trap, I noticed a small black leather change purse lying on the ground near the trap. I picked up the purse that was devoid of an identity card and found three bills inside of the purse. I sensed an unnatural reward for perhaps saving the existence or limb of a living creature.

Mother enrolled me for first grade at the local school which years ago was converted from a high school to an elementary school. I was also enrolled for religious instruction at the local Catholic parish. Early dismissal from public school every Tuesday afternoon with town provided transportation, dropped children off at the parish school for one hour and later returned to provide transportation to the children’s homes. Town transportation services had ended for religious instruction by the time my children were to attend Catechism. The religious education teacher was a full time teacher in the Catholic grammar school who taught religious instruction to public school Catholic children for one hour a week. One recalls her reading to the class stories from The Bible. A story read was the story about Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac at God’s command. The story can be found in Genesis 22. One thought that God was being cruel and unfair to Abraham and Isaac because of this mentally tormenting request that was for no apparent reason. At that point, I was thinking that I did not want to attend religious instruction any longer. Years later in 1999, after reading The Bible, I realized that God was punishing Abraham and Sarah for an arranged adulterous relationship with a servant that resulted in the wanted earlier birth of Ishmael, after God stated to Abraham that his wife Sarah would give birth to their child which they did not believe, due to Sarah’s advanced age. This story can be found in Genesis 15-16. In addition, the relationships between Abraham, Sarah, the servant Hagar, and Ishmael were strained and argumentative causing Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away after Isaac was born. This story can be found in Genesis 21. So much later in life, I finally understood the reasons why God subjected Abraham and possibly Isaac to the mental torment of the possible murder of Isaac, at the hands of his father, Abraham.

One requirement of the public schools was a strict dress code. Girls were expected to wear dresses or skirts and blouses with appropriate undergarments such as slips, stockings, knee socks, or ankle socks, and shoes. On the day designated for physical education girls were permitted to wear slacks if desired with rubber soled shoes or sneakers. The requirements for boys were to wear belted dress slacks and a woven button down shirt, long or short sleeve, with socks and shoes. Sneakers were only permitted to be worn on physical education day. Blue jeans, or other colored denim were never acceptable to be worn for school, as clothes made from this fabric were considered to be clothes worn for playtime. One morning, confused with which day of the week it was, I dressed for physical education day wearing slacks and rubber soled shoes to school. Immediately upon entering the classroom that morning, the teacher sent me to the school office where mother was telephoned to retrieve me from school for a clothing change. The desks in the classroom were organized in rows with an individual seating arrangement. The instruction was rote, methodical, and specifically followed the textbooks. Accompanying workbooks provided for additional practice. All school work was thoroughly corrected by the teacher and the concept and acceptance of, for example, “inventive spelling” did not exist. The