based on today’s society of vast evil and immorality, one has found many of Richard W. Wetherill’s (“Right is Might”) suggestions and examples helpful when essentially combined with the following of The Ten Commandments and other morality expounded in The Bible.

The literary style of this book as some may recognize is basic and reflects to a mild degree the general conversational pattern of today’s society. In conversation today, subject matters are quickly broached and abruptly changed by people as other topics are addressed one after the next  in unison, which in this author’s opinion shows a lack of willingness by many to discuss, resolve, and solve problems that is likely due to an inability to cooperate with others, among other factors. This inability to cooperate is at least partially based on the immoral viewpoints of some conversational participants and the interference of evil that causes anxieties and other ailments and repercussions among some or all of the conversational participants perhaps due to a tyrannical mind control situation. Should every person decide through the following of The Ten Commandments and avoidance of Capital Sins and Abominations to assist in solving for the good, only and just one of the critical issues presented in this book, many of today’s societal problems would be solved resulting in happiness, peace, and prosperity for all human beings. Of course this cannot be accomplished without earnest prayer, praise, and thanks to God. It also would be wise to ask God for His mercy in forgiving people including ones own self for immoral behaviors as we too forgive others.

A Bible was procured that was promoted as a direct translation from the ancient Aramaic Bible which one initially believed to likely be the most accurate Bible. However in Exodus 20:13 of this Book, Commandment VI is stated “You shall not murder”. As many people who study foreign languages know, a word could have several meanings and connotations. So some people know that there is no one word translation of some words within a native language when translated into another language. If this is the situation then perhaps several words could be shown in parentheses when translating one word to more accurately define the one word being translated. One therefore questions the word murder translated from the ancient Aramaic. Could the word murder in Aramaic also mean to destroy or kill? It seems probable that God would consider brain damaging a person or crippling a person to be destroying or killing a person based on the degree of damages inflicted. Therefore I have decided to use the word kill in Commandment VI as is stated in many other Bibles because kill can mean murder or the destruction of a person by means other than murder. Also, the beginning word of You as stated in some Bibles in Commandments II, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X was not used because You can be interpreted by some people to mean You but not Me. Therefore I have decided to use the word Thou as stated in other Bibles because Thou can be more precisely defined to encompass both You and Me.

Due to the realization that some people need and require a group affiliation or many educational and/or professional credentials when presenting information regardless of the evidence presented in that information, one has decided to present the population of people with likely spiritual credentials that are in addition to recognized limited professional and educational experiences.