constant promotion to students of picnics, special frivolous events, and parties. It seemed as though the girl who stole my purse, was scolded for getting caught. Today parents purchase trampolines for their children for backyard play. It is suggested that parents research trampoline accidents on the internet before allowing their children to engage in trampoline use. Be advised that the popular inflatable bounce house, for use by children, is like the trampoline. It appears that the rules for all people are not the rules for some people, as discussed in the story of the DWI driver.

Historical Accounts 1976: 30

More than twenty two thousand people are killed in an earthquake in Guatemala and Honduras on February 4.

In a highly publicized right to die case, it is ruled by judges on March 31 that Karen Ann Quinlin can be disconnected from a ventilator.

An earthquake in China kills two hundred and fifty thousand people to perhaps six hundred and fifty thousand people on July 28.

About thirty nine hundred people are killed in an earthquake in Turkey on November 24.

The first supersonic transport (SST) airplane is made available for commercial use on May 24.

The fastest train in the world begins service in Great Britain.

NASA lands Viking 2 on Mars.

Remarks: Many people die in three natural disasters. Karen Ann Quinlan, who was in a coma, lives nine years after being disconnected from a ventilator. Also recognize, that some people who are in a comatose state, do regain consciousness. Flights on the supersonic transport airplane known as the Concorde take less than half the travel time of conventional airplanes.


I registered at the local community college for the course requirements needed to obtain a registered nursing degree. After engaging in one semester of book theory and simulated practice, students were assigned to various medical facilities. One of my assignments was to a unit in a general hospital where I was further given a patient assignment. According to the patient’s chart, the diagnosis was a terminal illness. Upon entering the hospital room, the patient was looking out of the window at a large cemetery located across the street from the hospital. I felt compassion for this patient and disgust for the locating of a hospital across the street from a cemetery, where patient’s window views were of this depressing scene. Another requirement of this program was to memorize a long list of pharmaceutical drugs and their uses and possible side effects. One believed after reviewing the effects of some of these drugs on the human body that these prescriptions were dangerous and were sometimes more detrimental to the patient, than the ailment for which the drugs were prescribed. So for a least two of the above reasons I