point average (GPA), which was in the middle of a class of over five hundred students. Mathematics brought my average down considerably. If I had registered for general mathematics courses in high school, I would have done well, which would have resulted in a substantial increase in my GPA (grade point average). A university that I wanted to attend rejected me due to their requirement of a higher GPA. As the courses taken were not specifically cited by this university, I was under the impression that GPA counted more towards admission than the difficulty of courses. In other words, I was sorry that I had not enrolled in general math courses in high school. A university staff member suggested that I first attend a community college to raise my GPA and then transfer the credits to attend this university of my choice. This advice was followed. In a secularized society where children are deprived of Bible study in the schools, various immoralities read about in books and shown through films may appeal to some students thus resulting in the individual becoming involved in the immorality portrayed. After enrolling in three algebra courses, I could still not find the value of X.

Historical Accounts 1975: 29

In January the first small computer is available for sale named the Altair 8800.

An earthquake in China on February 4 kills approximately thirteen hundred people.

United States military Operation Babylift crashes moments after takeoff on April 4.

India is declared in state of emergency by Prime Minister Indira Gandi on June 25.

A dam collapses in China on August 8, killing approximately one hundred seventy one thousand people.

An earthquake in Turkey kills approximately two thousand three hundred people on September 6.

Kidnappings, bombings, and assassinations are prevalent.

NASA begins the Viking program with a launch to Mars.

Remarks: Final airplane flights to evacuate some people from South Vietnam before the control of Saigon is turned over to North Vietnamese results in this one disaster. Internal strife in India results in the suspension of the democratic process. An extraordinary amount of rainfall results in the worst dam collapse in history. Earthquakes kill many in two countries.


Father would sometimes speak of people he encountered who annoyed him as they knew something about every subject matter but did not know enough about any one subject area to be an expert in one field of work or profession. He would remark to mother, brother, and I that this kind of person was a “ham and egger”. Mother would restate this phrase as a “Jack of all trades and a master of none”. I often thought that this was the kind of person that I would like to be, as I could intelligently converse with many people, from all walks of life and professions.