Remarks: The first hand held calculators make their market debut. Eventually, most people rely on these for arithmetic computations leading to an inability by some to do simple calculations. When possible try to add, subtract, multiply, and divide without using this computer, so as not to lose these skills. Eavesdropping devices are discovered in government offices leading to an extensive televised inquiry into this circumstance. President Nixon eventually resigns due to this scandal. There is a significant increase in worldwide acts of terrorism this year. NASA concludes the Apollo program with a last walk on the Moon


As promised the previous year, mother arranged a trip to Jamaica to include the whole family. I was excited about this vacation but at the same time experienced a sense of trepidation regarding the airplane ride and the visit due to mixed expectations based on some information provided about this country. We arrived in Montego Bay where I was astonished at the small size of the airport however I immediately felt at ease because it was simple to find one’s way around the airport. My parents hired a taxi to take us to our place of vacation in Ocho Rios. Along the way I began to view many situations of abject poverty that dampened my enthusiasm for this trip. During our stay, we enjoyed the general hospitality of the people, viewed beautiful underwater coral reefs through snorkeling adventures, an impressive waterfall was visited, a plantation tour was taken, and a White River raft ride was pleasant. One day while snorkeling, two young men approached me and asked if I would like to learn to water ski. I replied that I would and asked father for the money to participate in this activity. I paid the men and they gave me two skis to attach to my feet, one ski was longer than the other ski. Objecting to this mismatched equipment, I was assured by them of its functionality. I held on to the tow line as their boat picked up speed and tried to pull myself up out of the water. At the same time, the boat bowed out but the long tow line still remained straight. Looking several feet ahead, I saw a large coral reef just below the surface of the water. Quickly releasing the line, I realized how dangerously close I was to being dragged over a reef. I noticed that many of the school children in Jamaica attended Catholic school. Contrary to this, there were others who practiced the occult voodoo and some combined occult voodoo with Christianity. A return to the following of the Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins, and Abominations would eliminate evil from within the society, probably resulting in a noticeable increased prosperity for the people, among other positive developments.

Beginning in high school, one realized that the fluorescent lighting in the classrooms seemed to have an adverse effect on my ability to think, focus, and concentrate on lessons. This became apparent to me after leaving the classroom when I believed myself to be restored to “normal”. Later and by 2002 and with internet access, one discovered that fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and are extremely dangerous if broken. In addition, a unique type of radiation is emitted from fluorescent light bulbs. It is suggested that one researches the dangers of fluorescent lights on the internet for further information.

Tenth grade biology was marked with students dissecting a fetal pig. I thought this requirement of the course was gross and remarked to the teacher that the pig reminded me of a baby. I recall that the