Further Discourse on Abortion

One can note incrementally the devastation inflicted on societies during the past ninety three years largely due to violations of The Ten Commandments, engagements in Capital Sins and Abominations by many and the subsequent societal approval of abortion. Between the years 1920 to 1960, abortion was approved for the countries of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, some countries in Western Europe, China, and other countries in Asia. In 1960, the United States approved the use of the abortifacient birth control pill which increased promiscuity in single men and women and provided little to no responsibility for natural family planning methods within “marriages”. Other abortifacient drugs, devices, and procedures became rampantly used and engaged in by many people during the next fifty three years. Between the years 1967 to 1973 people in the United States recognized absolutely the societal approval of the killing of the unborn human being. In 1978, the first out of the womb conception and subsequent birth had occurred in the United Kingdom. This marked the beginning of the massive destruction of human life through laboratory conceptions. China, in 1979 approved a “one child policy” for their population resulting in untold abortions, infanticides, and the gendercide of female children. Similar gendercide situations are occurring in India with the widespread abortions and infanticides of female children. Fertility treatments became a popular way of conceiving a child in the United States beginning in the early 1980’s. Many times, multiple births were the outcome of these treatments resulting in premature births and at times the deaths of infants, other complications, and permanent disabilities in some of the children born prematurely. Beginning in 1985 in the United States, the media divulged various surrogacy arrangements. Some of these immoral arrangements are listed with the following: ova of surrogate, sperm of father, surrogate and the biological mother provides habitat to the unborn child until birth; ova of mother, sperm of father, surrogate provides habitat to the unborn child until birth; ova of mother, sperm of donor, surrogate provides habitat to the unborn child until birth. Later and by the middle 1990’s, relatives agreed to become surrogates to infertile family members. Family surrogates included mothers of infertile daughters, sisters, daughters, nieces, and even grandmothers who were given pregnancy sustaining drugs (mind control?). Logically questions of adultery surface in surrogacy arrangements and the Abomination of incest is additionally raised with the above family surrogate arrangements. From the 1970’s to current times sperm donors are paid a small amount of money to donate their sperm for apparent artificial inseminations of women. Many women desiring artificial insemination request desired heredity traits, health histories, and the intellectual credentials of male sperm donors. In 1989, it is reported that a fertility doctor artificially inseminated women patients with his sperm resulting in the births of seventy five children that were genetically his offspring. At about this time, the media reported incest related problems due to sperm and ovum donations because young adults were establishing relationships where it was unknown to them that they were biologically half brothers and half sisters or brothers and sisters. During the 1990’s and beyond women are solicited to donate ovum with an incentive of a substantial amount of money paid to the woman donor. Laboratory suspended conceptions of human life are offered for adoption to be implanted into a willing woman’s womb by 2000. Beginning in the 1980’s, ultrasound, amniocentesis, and other tests are recommended to pregnant women to detect abnormalities in the unborn human being for largely abortion purposes.


By the middle years of the decade of 2000, it becomes widely known that vaccines, food flavorings, body creams, and anti aging injections, contain cells derived from aborted human beings. Throughout this time period, all aspects of the society reflect to increasing degrees these insane practices concerning fertility, infertility, and the unborn and newly born infant. The backlash and repercussions for religious and moral people who desire to conceive and give birth to a child as God intended and ordained in an evil society are great. Religious and moral parents are continually terrorized throughout a pregnancy and years beyond after the child is born due to the widespread deranged practices of many evil doers in the society. Through the reading of this truthful book, many people can likely recognize and understand this terror.