Evil doers may or may not be technically violating God’s Laws, but they do inspire and influence others into violating God’s Laws to gain wealth, power, and control over the population of people. Years ago and in the 1960’s, people would say, and children were taught that the human being is a priceless gift from God. Most people at that time would have been outraged if anyone suggested that a person’s life was worth a specified sum of money. Children were adopted with a small amount of money to cover the legal costs of the adoption and perhaps gave a modest donation to the charitable organization arranging for the adoption. The poor as well as the rich could afford to adopt a child, and did adopt children as it was believed that loving, moral, and religious parents were the necessary ingredients for a happy and satisfied family. By the 1980’s, many people postponed parenthood to acquire much materialism. Abortions became rampant for some people while other infertile couples who desired a child in their life paid substantial amounts of money to adopt a baby. Thus profits were realized through a kind of sale of the human being. When a price tag is placed on a human being, people become slaves and are only valuable during a certain time period of their life. Abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide legislation for a few examples has proven this point. As a subscriber to the philosophy that a human being’s life is priceless and irreplaceable as each human being is unique, I decided to pursue with vigor the goal of ending abortion. Father in law’s modest inheritance combined with our personal savings and the support of spouse, gave me the confidence and the money needed to be used to alert the population of people to the grave dangers of abortion policies. Our family suffered substantially due to this commitment not only through the losses of savings and inheritance but also through attacks on granddaughter, daughter, son, spouse, and I, job losses, and opportunity costs and losses. Other suffering through harassment was also a family subjugation. However, I thank God that our health remained good through this turmoil and that I was able to continue this vital educational project. In the process of alerting the people of the need to end abortion, Spiritual guidance granted me the realization that profound violations of The Ten Commandments and engagement in other serious sins by many people were responsible for the current state of vast immorality and depravity permeating the society. I also realized that evil doers gained wealth, power, and control over other people due to this immorality.

There are some who believe that God uses and expects people to carry out His Will even when The Ten Commandments are violated in the process of supposedly carrying out “His Will.” Many clear examples are provided in the Bible of this warped mentality. For one example, shortly after Moses delivered God’s Ten Commandments to the Israelites, the Israelites raided a town to punish a group of people for their immoral behavior by murdering every man, woman, and child living in the town. Soon afterwards, the Israelites were punished for violating at least one of The Ten Commandments because of their immoral behavior in murdering all the people of this town in this raid (in violation of Commandment VI that states Thou shall not kill). The above short story has been the common mentality of most people throughout the ages where evil has gained an influence over people in a society or societies, due to the populations’ own immorality. If one believes that God is telling one to break one or more of The Ten