Is abortion in violation of this Commandment?

Is organ donation in violation of this Commandment when a vital organ for living is removed from one person to save another person’s life?

Is using some varieties of contraception in violation of this Commandment?

Are fetal stem cell laboratories and fertility clinics in violation of Commandment VI?

VII   Thou shall not commit adultery.

What is the definition of committing adultery in today’s society?

Is physical contact necessary to commit adultery? For example, fertility clinics provide “married” couples who are experiencing fertility problems with donor sperm and/or ova or with laboratory conceptions of life. Some people hire a surrogate woman to provide habitat and nutrition to the human being prior to birth. Are these situations considered to be adulterous albeit there are no obvious intimate physical contacts between donors, surrogates, and recipients of either ova and/or sperm?

VIII Thou shall not steal.

Is taking a percentage of money to administer the charity from a charitable donation stealing if the donor is not informed of the percentage taken?

Is overcharging in one area of business to compensate for shortfalls of funds in another area of business stealing?

Is violating the personal privacy of people stealing?

IX    Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

What is “bearing false witness?”

Who is considered to be our neighbor?

Is the intentional misleading of people, bearing false witness against neighbors?

Is withholding lifesaving information from people bearing false witness against neighbors?

X      Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house.

Is using technology to enter another’s private domain coveting?

Is using technology to find out information about people without their consent coveting?

Is mimicking what others say and do coveting?